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TusHoldings Invited to Offer Training in Thailand by the Ministry of S&T of Thailand Print

Post Time:2017-02-24

A delegation led by the Minister of Science and Technology of Thailand (hereinafter referred to as MSTT) paid a one-week visit to TusHoldings in 2016 in order to further study the operation mode of TusHoldings in building the technological innovation ecosystem, and learn about the ideas, methods and system designs of establishing hi-tech enterprises from Chinese universities. From February 20, 2017 to February 22, 2017, TusHoldings’ senior executives and experts were invited and funded to offer training in Thailand by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. 

The training courses included: the development history and operation mode of TusHoldings and TusPark, the problems encountered and experience gained therefrom, the industrial development model, present situation and future prospect of the Tsinghua University as well as the relevant laws and regulations of Chinese university-based enterprises, etc. Herbert Chen, COO of TusHoldings, Zhang Hongmin (specially invited), Strategic Development Director of Tsinghua Holdings, Su Yusong, Legal Center Director of TusHoldings, expounded the above matters in great details respectively. More than 60 people attended the training, such as officials & experts from MSTT, officials & scholars from famous universities and managers of science parks and incubators from all parts of Thailand.
Herbert Chen, COO of TusHoldings, was explaining relevant topics.

The provision of training service for foreign governments by TusHoldings as invited by MSTT fully indicates that TusHoldings has drawn great attention and recognition of international counterparts in term of the exploration and practices in creating an innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem, which will promote the rapid development of the international business of TusHoldings.
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The training was also attended by Ma Zhigang, Business Development Director, International Finance Center of Tus-S&T Service Group, and Sophia Shang, International Cooperation Manager, TusPark Research Institute for Innovation, as the planners, organizers and coordinators. 

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Responding to China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, TusHoldings has made great effort to expand exchange & cooperation with Thailand and other countries along the “Belt and Road”. Since 2015, Wang Jiwu, the Chairman of TusHoldings, has led delegations of business sectors of TusHoldings to visit Thailand for many times, and clearly instructed them to promote comprehensive cooperation between TusHoldings and Thailand in all aspects. For more than one year, TusHoldings headquarters, Tus-Yunnan, Tus-Clean Energy, Tus-Sound and other business sectors have established close relations with local governments, universities and business organizations in Thailand, thereby putting relevant goals and ideas into practice. Some projects are already under implementation.

Through these visits, exchanges and cooperations, TusHoldings is elevating its brand influence in Thailand. The Thai government, universities and companies showed great interest in Tsinghua University’s special operating pattern of creating an innovative ecosystem and promoting the transformation of technological achievements by establishing high-tech enterprises; they would like to learn practical experience and root causes from TusHoldings in successful development of incubators, science parks, S & T industry and S & T finance. In addition to general information, they strongly expected to gain more systematic and detailed introduction from TusHoldings, so as to provide practical advices and suggestions for their future exploration & implementation in this regard. Therefore, the training was designed as a specific event in the above context.