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The 2nd “TusLink-CREWW Japan-China Enterprises Innovation Conference” Successfully Held in TokyoPrint

Post Time:2018-04-03

In March when the cherry blossoms were blooming, TusLink revisited Japan to actively promote matchmaking and exchanges between Chinese and Japanese technology enterprises. On March 30th, the second “TusLink-CREWW Japan-China Enterprises Innovation Conference” was successfully held in Tokyo. The event was jointly hosted by TusHoldings/TusPark and Creww, and co-hosted by Zhongguancun Tokyo Liaison Office, TusStar, Development Bank of Japan (DBJ), Japan Branch of Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club and other institutions.

Conference scene

This event brought together various resources from government agencies, innovative enterprises, science parks, accelerators, and start-up communities from China and Japan, as well as the representatives of high-tech enterprises and investors from China and Japan in the fields of FinTech, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, clean energy, rail transit, IoT, automobiles among others. The ecological platform built by these multiple parties has created a good atmosphere on every occasion and plays a constructive role for Sino-Japanese technological innovation exchanges.
Hebert CHEN, COO of TusHoldings, delivering a speech

Sorato Ijichi, Founder and CEO of CREWW, delivering a speech

The COO of TusHoldings, Hebert CHEN, delivered a speech on behalf of the event hosts. He introduced the efforts made by TusHoldings in promoting the construction of the international cooperation bridge for innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises, and the advantages, resources and operating experience that TusPark contributes to the participants. Sorato Ijichi, Founder and CEO of CREWW, demonstrated the Japanese private entrepreneurship platform, which has built an innovative ecosystem by providing talents, capital and opportunities for the innovation enterprises.

At the scene of the event, the University of Tokyo Edge Capital, Kanagawa Science Park, DBJ, Tokio Marine & Nichido, Seven Bank, Japan Branch of Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club (TEEC), Japan External Trade Organization, Zhongguancun Tokyo Liaison Office, TusStar, and DOCKS made keynote presentations respectively around their own fields and related situations.

At the subsequent road show of Chinese enterprises, 11 representative Chinese enterprises in the fields of VR/AR, big data, IoT, intelligent manufacturing and others, conducted a road show in front of the representatives of the Chinese and Japanese government agencies, universities, investment institutions and enterprises, demonstrating the leading technologies of Chinese technology enterprises to the participants. The representatives of those Chinese enterprises participating in the road show expressed their satisfaction that, through the international exchange platform created by TusLink, they had received considerable attention from the Japanese participants, thus helping to lay a solid foundation for the cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises.

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TusLink is committed to building an international innovation cooperation platform for long-term cooperation and exchanges, promoting international scientific, cultural and economic exchanges and playing a linking role in the process of enterprise globalization.

CREWW is a Japanese platform to help start-up companies succeed and to nurture entrepreneurship ecosystems. Its open innovation community has attracted more than 3,100 start-up companies to join. The platform operates more than 70% of Japan’s entrepreneurship accelerators and can help start-up companies connect with large Japanese companies to further promote development in the industry.