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Chairman Jiwu WANG’s Speech at the Russian Innovation ConferencePrint

Post Time:2018-12-14

On December 12, Chairman Jiwu WANG, at the invitation of Katerina Gijonova, CEO of Russian Innovation Practice Institution, attended the “Innovation Practice: Science and Business” Conference jointly held by the Institution and the Moscow State University in Moscow.

Jiwu WANG, Chairman of TusHoldings, attended the plenary session of the “Innovative Practice: Science and Business” Conference.

Jiwu WANG attended the plenary session as the sole invited foreign guest, and had a discussion on the topic of “Communication as the Foundation for Successful Cooperation between People, Communities and the Environment” with Sadovnichiy, Rector of the Moscow State University, Akimov and Golodets, Russian Deputy Prime Ministers, Folshenko, Assistant to President, the Minister of Economic Development, the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Chairman of Gazprom, the Chairman of Russian Sibur Holding and other guests. Under the auspices of Natalya Popova, Vice President of Innovation Practice Institution, the guests expressed their opinions and talked freely on the academic definition of communication, traditional way of communication and the impact of artificial intelligence on communication at the meeting.

Jiwu WANG, Chairman of TusHoldings, gave a speech.

According to Jiwu WANG, communication in the world today has evolved from point-to-point to multipoint-to-multipoint, so the efficiency of communication is crucial, and informal forms of communication are often more efficient than formal forms of communication; from the perspective of corporate governance, saving communication costs and improving communication efficiency are the key to efficient and healthy development of enterprises. The participating guests highly agreed with him and regarded trust as the foundation of effective communication despite the breaking of such inherent barriers as ethnic groups, countries, religions and values due to the rapid development of digital communication.

During the Conference, Gijonova, CEO of Russian Innovation Practice Institution, expressed her gratitude to Chairman Jiwu WANG for his participation in the Conference, and hoped to carry out further in-depth and pragmatic cooperation with TusHoldings in the field of innovation.

Jiwu WANG, Chairman of TusHoldings and his entourage visited the Academic Hall of the Main Building of Moscow State University.

Sadovnichiy, President of the Moscow State University, expressed to Chairman Jiwu WANG the intention of Moscow State University to cooperate with TusHoldings. And the two parties agreed to promote the signing of the cooperation agreement as soon as possible. Subsequently, Mazei, Vice President of Moscow State University, accompanied the delegation of TusHoldings to visit the Academic Hall of the Main Building of Moscow State University, where Chairman Mao Zedong delivered a famous speech in 1957.

The Conference attracted great attention in Russia because more than 2,000 participants covered almost all the elites in the scientific and technological innovation domain. As was said by Chairman Jiwu WANG at an exclusive interview with Moscow TV Channel 24 after the Conference, “Expanding and strengthening the cooperation with famous universities in various countries is an important part of TusHoldings’ global innovation system, which of course includes Russian universities, especially Moscow State University.”

Background Reading

Established in 2012, the Innovation Practice Institution is a non-state-owned development institution with the focus on cultivation of innovation talents, construction of the innovative economic system and construction of innovation infrastructure. Its supervisory board members include President of Moscow State University, CEO of Rosneft Oil, President of Rostec, President of Transneft, Chairman of Gazprombank, President of Gazprom, General Manager of Russian Direct Investment Fund, Chairman of Russian Sibur Holding, President of Rosatom, Chairman of Novatec and Chairman of Unified Energy System of Russia.