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TusPark Holds the Activity of "Show Love by Donating to Schools”Print

Post Time:2007-10-23

Under the leadership of Wang Baokang, Vice President of TusPark, a delegation of 10 people from TusPark Co., Ltd. went to Tanghe Township Central Primary School in Fengning Manchu autonomous county in Hebei Province, for holding the activity of “Show Love by Donating to Schools” in the afternoon of Oct. 15. This activity totally provided financial aids to 51 students in this school, donating RMB 24,300.00, 6 computers, 265 books, 116 pieces of clothes and some sports equipments.

In the donation ceremony, the teachers and students expressed their appreciation. Tanghe Township Central Primary School is located in the poverty-stricken areas with arduous educational conditions as well as students in poor families. The teachers in the school said that such activity, “Show Love by Donating to Schools” financially contributed by the whole staff of TusPark Co., Ltd., has partly solved the problem of educational modernization of this school, improved the shortage of teaching equipments, enriched extracurricular life in school and students’ inner worlds. 

The whole staff of TusPark Co., Ltd. has given energetic support to this activity. All the staff said they hoped that this activity shall be deemed as the tradition of TusPark Co., Ltd., “Deeply Appreciation for Life, and Contribution to the Society” and the tradition shall be kept forever.