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In May and September 2018,Mr.Wang Jiwu,chairman of TUSHoldings,had two dialogues with Russian President Vladiman Putin on the brighter future of Sino-Russian cooperation in sciientific and technological innovation,joint venture capital fund between TUS and Russia advance funding and innovative carrier projects.


On the evening of June 4 Moscow time, Jiwu Wang, Chairman of TusHoldings was invited to attend the dialogue meeting between Russian President Putin and foreign entrepreneurs. The theme for this forum was “Join Hands to Fight the Pandemic”, and Chairman Jiwu Wang exchanged ideas via live video conference with over 30 representatives including Russian President Putin, Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez, Serbian President Alexander Vucic, leaders from China Investment Corp. and others from sovereign funds, large investment institutions, and biomedical companies from more than a dozen countries in the conference room on the 16th floor of the Innovation Plaza at TusPark Beijing.

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