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    About the School

    Founded by Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd., Tus Business School is an organizational and systematic education and training
    institution, which takes "Technological innovation, social service" as the core content.

    After nearly twenty years of development, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. has formed the unique, advanced development
    concept and corporate culture, and made brilliant achievements in many fields. In order to better construct the talent
    development platform, meet the needs of efficient team building, integrate the industry chain, promote innovation and
    development, carry forward the corporate culture, implement the enterprise development strategy, and adapt to the
    requirements of international development, Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. established Tus Business School in early 2013.

    Talent cultivation concept
    Cultivate leading talents for the society, enterprises and institutions.

    School running concept
    Seriousness and truth seeking, exploration and innovation, pursuit of excellence

    Training Features

    Tus Business School upholds the innovation-driven training concept, uses the innovative thinking to guide the training
    implementation, and achieves "Five Combinations and Five Emphases".

    Combine study with practice, and lay emphasis on case sharing
    Combine with practical cases, use practical cases to enrich boring, mechanical management concepts, enable students
    to understand the true meaning of learning, arouse resonance and thinking, and make students learn willingly and

    Combine indoor training with outdoor experiencing, and lay emphasis on experiential teaching
    Combine indoor training with outdoor experiencing, train the students' left and right hemispheres of the brain in a
    vivid manner, improve students' adaptability, creativity and scientific thinking ability, and strengthen the training

    Combine Chinese culture with Western culture, and lay emphasis on the incorporation of different
    helpful things
    It is necessary to pay attention to and carefully analyze the characteristics of the Chinese and Western culture and
    management style. Based on the understanding of the differences between the Chinese and Western management
    environment, we can incorporate different helpful things, make use of the past experience, absorb the essence from
    the Western countries, take effective management methods to enhance the management efficiency, and avoid
    mechanically copying and empirical management.

    Combine the social science with the natural science, and lay emphasis on thought development
    Combine the social science with the natural science, lay emphasis on the study and application of the natural science
    while strengthening the cognition of the social science, pay attention to thought development, and enable technical
    patents to develop toward management talents more effectively.

    Combine the history, the present and the future, and lay emphasis on systematic thinking 
    Through understanding the history, you can better focus on the present and look into the future. Train students to
    develop the habit of systematic thinking, and avoid only focusing on the immediate interests or just thinking about the
    future without foundation. It is necessary to learn from the historical experience, so as to facilitate analysis of the
    current status and better plan the future.

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