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MA Xiaowei
Executive President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.
President of Tus-Holdings South Group
Vice Chairman of TusCity Group

Mr. Ma Xiaowei, holds Bachelor of Laws and EMBA of Tsinghua University.

Mr. Ma Xiaowei currently acts as the Executive President of Tus-Holdings, President of Tus-Holdings Southern Headquarters,Vice Chairman of TusCity Group Co., Ltd., and concurrently Chairman of Shanghai Tus Qingqing Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Chairman of Tus Internet of Things Group Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Tus Hongxing Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd, Member of the Board of Directors of Tus Ice and Snow Cultural Tourism Sports Group Co., Ltd., Member of the Board of Directors of TusPark Operation Management Co., Ltd., and Member of the Board of Directors of Jiangsu TusPark Development Co., Ltd. and so on.

UpdateTime:2023-05-16 10:20:42