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TusPark Delegation Attends 29th Annual Conference of IASPPrint

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29th Annual Conference of IASP was held at Tallinn, capital of Estonia during June 18-20, 2012, which grandly ushered in 400-odd managers, experts and scholars from more than 70 countries in the world. Mei Meng, Director of Tsinghua Science Park Development Center and President of TusPark Development Center TusPark Holdings CO., Ltd. , led Tuspark Delegation for the conference.

The theme of the annual conference is “Science Park: providing service to Companies and innovation Communities”. Down below are the sub-themes for common discussion at the full-member meeting, which can directly demonstrate the issue of the common attention by the world science park sectors: 

--How to attract more enterprises into science parks across regions and across borders? 

--What role can the financial support of the local government play in attracting enterprises into the park? 
--What key elements should the parks have in attracting the well-experienced investors? 
--Extension of service Targets: can enterprises settling in the park and those not settling yet be entitled to the same value-added service? 
--Location of service providers: Is the outsourcing service a prevailing trend? 
--Can we have to charge enterprises settling in the park for our service? 
--If the science park is managed by the government or by NGO, what is the different impact on the enterprises settling in the park? 
--Does the park hardware environment and the software environment (service system)really make any difference? 
--A highly qualified park manager can not guarantee success, but the incompetent park manger is sure to result in failure; 
It is more important to meticulously study and figure out the urgent demands of enterprises in the park than to eagerly provide solutions. 
--The basic functions of the incubator for international enterprises should contain: visa, language, culture, communication network, trainers and lecturers, training, changeable space and research facilities.

During the conference period, Tuspark Delegation met with Mr. Luis Sanz, secretary general of IASP and reached the consensus concerning the relevant matters, particularly the upgrading of IASP Beijing Office (located in Tuspark) into China Office, which will come into force after being officially approved by IASP. The delegation also met on the sidelines of the conference with Mr. Robert T. Geolas, new-elected CEO of RTP (Research Triangle Park) in North Carolina, and Mr. Mason Ailstock, deputy CEO mainly in charge of business development and both sides introduced the great changes and the future development plans of their respective parks after the exchange meeting between two parks at Tuspark in 2007 and both sides expressed their expectations for further substantial cooperation. Prior to the conference, Chen Hongbo, deputy director of Tsinghua Science Park Development Center and senior deputy president of TusPark Development Center TusPark Holdings CO., Ltd., gave a training lecture focusing on the theme “Commercialization of the Science Park: How to Attract and Retain Enterprises in the Park” onto 90-odd participants from more than 40 countries in the world and also answered questions raised by the participants, so his lecture was warmly accepted and highly recognized by the participants.

International Association of Science Parks and Area of Innovation, at the full-membership meeting of IASP, the proposal for amending the English name was affirmatively voted (so “International Association of Science Parks” is concurrently amended as “International Association of Science Parks and Area of Innovation (IASPAI)”) and it was decided based on the affirmative votes that the 31st Annual Conference in 2014 will be held in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

This conference attracted many park delegations from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Beijing from Mainland China and the delegations from Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park, Southern Taiwan Science Park and Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks, etc., which was the largest rendezvous having attracted more Chinese delegations in recent years. Liu Hang, a member of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee, and Li ZHilei, section chief thereof, and Zhang Xiuying, deputy director of Haidian Science Park Management Committee, also attended the conference, all of whom had a formal meeting with Mr. Luis Sanz, secretary general of IASP.

The 30th Annual Conference of IASP will be convened at Recife, a seaside city in the east of Brazil during October 13-16, 2013.