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President Wang Jiwu Inspects the Incubator of Tsinghua Science Park InnoSpring in United StatesPrint

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On July 24 to 27, 2012, TusPark Co., Ltd President Wang Jiwu, Director of Ma Zhigang, Senior Vice President Pei Xiaodong and his delegation inspected the Incubator of TusPark InnoSpring in Silicon Valley in United States. InnoSpring President Zhang Yuqing warmly received the delegation and introduced the operation of InnoSpring incubator since it was established.

InnoSpring incubator was jointly created by Tsinghua Science Park, Shui On Group, Northern Light Venture Capital and Silicon Valley Bank. The total area of InnoSpring is 1350 square meters, can accommodate about 40 start-up companies.

The main function of InnoSpring is to incubate Hi-tech SMEs and provide a soft landing platform for cross-border Sino-US enterprises and start-ups. Besides these, it also promotes cooperation between incubators and relevant Chinese mainland institutes, and helps Silicon Valley companies to expend their business to the Chinese market. Since it was established in January 8, 2012, there are more than 29 start-ups include Accusilicon (semiconductor) , Dewmobile (mobile interaction), HillionTech (interactive video), HillstoneNetworks (network security), MugedaHTML5 (animations platform), Narvelous (social game), Peaya (terminal software), QuestBid (virtual assistant and network application system), SecuredInside (based SaaS software security technology), Sunube (based environmental data cleaning techniques), Trusper (invisible social networking) and WeaverMobileFacebook (application development). InnoSpring as the first cross-border Sino-US High-tech incubator was shaped.

After heard report from Zhang Yuqing, President Wang Jiwu pointed out that the leader of TusPark was placed Internationalization in the first of the three strategies at the beginning of construction. Through years of efforts, TusPark finally went abroad and established the first international incubator in the world-renowned innovation and entrepreneurship base of Silicon Valley. This is just the beginning, we also have to establish the similar entrepreneurship bases around the world in the future. These bases will as effective support platforms for Chinese enterprises import and absorb advanced foreign concepts and technologies, as well as enter the global market.

During the visit in Silicon Valley, President Wang Jiwu and his delegation also visited Stanford University, and attended dinner party held by Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club (TEEC) North American Division, he shared thoughts and ideas with TEEC Vice-Chairman Li Quansheng, Secretary-General Xiang Hui and Chairman of TEEC North American Division Jin Xuecheng, etc.