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Tsinghua University Science Park Welcomes Zhongguancun Delegation of Overseas TalentPrint

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On the afternoon of December 27, Zhongguancun Delegation of Overseas Talent totally more than forty people visited Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark). TusPark Incubator Co., Ltd General Manager Zhang Jinsheng hosted the welcome reception at the second floor of the SP Tower. Mr. Zhang introduced the history and entrepreneurial environment of TusPark to the delegation, entrepreneurial overseas talent park service, and warmly welcome overseas talent team choose TusPark for their startups in the future. Later, overseas talent delegation visited the Returned Students startups and Beijing Innofidei Co., Ltd.

The activity of Zhongguancun Delegation of Overseas Talent was organized by Human Resources Department Talents Special Zone Promotion Center of the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, the activity was lasting three days, including Zhongguancun overseas talent entrepreneurial situation report, Zhongguancun Special Talent Zone Innovation-Driven Achievement Exhibition and TusPark entrepreneurial environment inspection activity and talent project meeting.

TusPark business incubator service began in 1999, and has set up Tsinghua Entrepreneurial Park and Tsinghua Pioneer Park and established "Incubator + Seed-Stage Investment" development model and the development direction of professional incubator, until now, it has accumulated over 500 incubators, and cultivated a large number of outstanding companies, including 26 Diamond companies, 9 Golden-seed project enterprises,” Thousand Talents Program” ," Overseas High-Level Talents Program" and "Zhongguancun High-End Talents Project”. TusPark has perfect incubating service environment, therefore, where is the first choice for overseas talent team startup.