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Corporate Member of TusPark(Kunshan) Won Approval from GEM of CSRCPrint

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Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. TusPark(Kunshan)(hereafter referred to as Huaheng Welding) as a successful incubation corporate in TusPark(Kunshan) won approval of IPO from GEM Issuance examination committee of CSRC on July 30th. It is reported that Huangheng Welding planning to issue 27million shares, after issuance the total issued share capital is 108 million shares. 

Huaheng Welding as a promoter and leader of China welding automation technique which specializes in the R&D, production, sales of welding automation equipment and supply the whole solution of welding automation for clients. Its main products include welding robot complete equipment, welding automation dedicated equipment and all-position pipe welding machine, all these equipments are widely used in high-end equipment manufacturing such as engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, rail transportation, mining machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace, military and other important industries in national economy.

In 2006, under the promotion and service of TusPark (Kunshan), Huaheng welding cooperated with Mechanical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University established Research Institute of Huaheng Intellectualization and Automation Welding Technique Equipment. This institute would promote applied research and industrialization development of welding automation. Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center ---- Huaheng Engineering and Technology Center Tsinghua Science Park (Kunshan) was constructed and put into use in 2010. With the constant improvement of technology innovation service system, abundant technological innovation service resources would facilitate better and faster development of enterprises in TusPark(Kunshan).