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A Central Media News Report Group Goes into Salt Lake Project of TusHoldings Print

Post Time:2017-07-18来源:TusHoldings

On July 17, on the occasion of the first anniversary of President Xi’s visit to Qinghai Salt Lake, Strategic Development Center of Tsinghua Holdings invited a central media news report group consisting of People’s Daily, Xinhua News, CCTV, Guangming Daily, and so on to Qinghai Salt Lake for a field investigation and interview on the construction conditions of the “Magnesium, Lithium and Potassium Park” of Qinghai Salt Lake and the operation conditions of the Qinghai Salt Lake RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project jointly developed by TusHoldings and Salt Lake Group. WANG Xingfu, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Salt Lake Group, XIE Kangmin, President of Salt Lake Group, YUAN Wei, President of TusHoldings, ZHAO Qing, Senior Vice President of TusHoldings and General Manager of Tus-Material Group, and WEN Hui, Senior Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman and President of Tus-Clean Energy Group, participated in this investigation and interview. 

The news report group is visiting Salt Lake Circular Economy Demonstration Center of Salt Lake Group

Salt lake resources are inorganic mineral resources in which China has internationally leading advantages, and also major resources of Qinghai Province. Among these resources, the resources of magnesium, lithium and potassium are closely related to national strategic security. The news report group successively visited Salt Lake Circular Economy Demonstration Center of Salt Lake Group, the central dock of the Lithium Fertilizer Branch of Salt Lake Group, Lanke Lithium Company and  Lanke Magnesium Company, and had comprehensive and deep investigation on the composition of salt lake resources and the development actualities of such resources. President XIE Kangmin introduced in details to the news report group the development philosophy of “Hundred-year salt lake, Ecological Magnesium, Lithium and Potassium Park” taken by Qinghai Salt Lake Group. He expressed that, after continuous technology development and production process upgrading, Salt Lake Group had realized the transformation from single industry in potassium fertilizer production to integrated development of multiple industries. 
The news report group is visiting Qinghai Salt Lake Group

In the plant of Lanke Lithium Company, the news report group investigated the Qinghai Salt Lake RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project developed and run by Tus-Qingyuan, a subsidiary of Tus-Material Group. The first phase of this project was commenced in March 2016, and was put into trial operation on Oct. 13, 2016, with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of lithium carbonate. When the news report group learned that the team of this project completed the project construction on an efficient and high-quality basis through “a-hundred- day hard work” of “5+2” and “day + night” in despite of the arduous task, short construction period and complex process, they expressed admiration for the hard work and excellence seeking spirit of the project team. 
The news report team is investigating the Qinghai Salt Lake RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project

As an energy metal and industrial monosodium glutamate in the 21st century, lithium is widely used in many new energy fields such as lithium battery and electric automobile. President YUAN Wei introduced that the reserve of lithium in China ranks No. 3 in the world, and the lithium resource of Qinghai Salt Lake accounts for 50% of the proved reserves of lithium in China, but China had relied on import of lithium for long due to such factors as backward of abstraction technology, high production cost and in-process wasting. The RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project is a model of the cooperation between Tus-Material Group and the BOT project of Lanke Lithium, Salt Lake Group. Relying on new materials and new material application development technologies, using the brine systems of Qinghai Salt Lake characterized by high complexity and high magnesium-lithium ratio, and based on the original lithium abstraction technology of Salt Lake Group, TusHoldings has greatly improved the lithium production capacity of Qinghai Salt Lake, truly realized development and utilization of lithium in Qinghai Salt Lake, and achieved great social value and economic benefits. In the future, it is expected to get rid of the dependency of the Chinese lithium industry on import.
Interior of the plant of the RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project

When talking of the RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project, President XIE Kangmin introduced to the journalists that this project had become a representative project of the “Enterprise, University and Research Institute” integrated development of Qinghai Salt Lake, which was a model in industrial upgrading promoted by scientific and technological innovation, and helped to greatly improve the brine based lithium abstraction process in China. In the future, Salt Lake Group will further deepen its cooperation with TusHoldings to make the lithium project bigger and stronger, realize higher quality, quantity and efficiency, and jointly build a global model of lithium industry development.
President YUAN Wei (the first from right in the front row) is introducing the RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project

At present, based on the RO Magnesium-Lithium Separation Project, TusHoldings and Salt Lake Group are deepening their cooperation. They have jointly established Qinghai Salt Lake Tus New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd., and are jointly building an open new material technology development platform under the guidance of the national development strategies for new material industry, so as to strengthen the efficient utilization of the resources of Qinghai Salt Lake and promote the construction of Qinghai Salt Lake ecological “Magnesium, Lithium and Potassium Park”.  
A group photo

LIU Yulan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Salt Lake Group, WANG Xiangwen, Vice President of Salt Lake Group, WANG Shijun, Vice President of Salt Lake Group, HE Yongping, President Assistant of Salt Lake Group and Chairman of Salt Lake Fozhao Lanke Lithium Co., Ltd., ZHAO Yuanhai, General Manager of Lithium Fertilizer Branch of Salt Lake Group, CAO Jianyong, General Manager of Salt Lake Tus-Material, SONG Yongjin, Director of President Office of Salt Lake Group, and YANG Rong, General Manager of Tus-Qingyuan, participated in the related activities.

Extended reading

Before investigating Qinghai Salt Lake, the central media news report group, accompanied by President YUAN Wei and some other leaders, visited Qinghai University and had an exchange with YU Hongxian, Party Committee Secretary of Qinghai University, and LI Lirong, Vice President of Qinghai University. They successively visited the national crop germplasm backup database (Qinghai • Xining) of Qinghai University, School of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Big Data Center, solar photovoltaic comprehensive utilization demonstration base, and the Sanjiangyuan national key lab for ecology and plateau agriculture and animal husbandry jointly built by the province and ministry. During such visit, they learned the efforts and achievements of Qinghai University in the fields of Sanjiangyuan ecological protection, discipline construction and development for traditional Tibetan medicine, plateau agriculture and animal husbandry, new energy photovoltaic technology, and so on. 

In the university history museum of Qinghai University, the news report group learned in detail the development of the targeted support program jointly implemented by five universities, including Tsinghua University, for Qinghai University. LI Lirong, Vice President of Qinghai University, expressed that, with the targeted supports from Tsinghua University and some other universities, Qinghai University had realized leap-forward development since 2001, and had been elected as one of the key universities of the national “211 project” and the “comprehensive strength enhancement project for universities in the middle and west region”.  

President YUAN Wei expressed during the exchange that, just under the framework of the targeted support of Tsinghua University for Qinghai University, TusHoldings actively cooperated with Qinghai University and implemented the targeted support plan by virtue of its technologies and resources in scientific and technological services and in emerging industries. At the beginning of 2017, Tus-Clean Energy Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qinghai University to jointly build Tus-New Energy School of Qinghai University, in terms of  research and development in key technologies of new energy, implementation demonstrative projects, and promotion the industrialization of research findings. In addition, the two parties will jointly establish Tus-new Material Research Institute of Qinghai University, which will be devoted to technological innovation in such fields as the ordered development and industrial application of the resources of Qinghai Salt Lake.