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A Delegation Led by Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, US, Visited TusHoldingsPrint

Post Time:2017-08-02来源:TusHoldings

On August 1, a delegation led by Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, US, visited TusHoldings, and had a meeting with WANG Jiwu, Chairman of TusHoldings. The two parties had a deep discussion on the comprehensive cooperation between TusHoldings and Michigan. They will pay special attention to such fields as scientific and technological innovation, intelligent connected vehicle (ICV), smart commuting and artificial intelligence, and will expand the strategic cooperation all over the state of Michigan based on existing cooperation.
WANG Jiwu is giving a speech.

At the symposium, chairman WANG Jiwu expressed welcome to the delegation led by Rick Snyder. He said that TusHoldings paid close attention to the cooperation with Michigan, and expected Rick Snyder to provide some guiding comments on the cooperation between the two parties. As the founder of Spark, an enterprise accelerator of Michigan, Rich Snyder thought that TusHoldings had many good practices in promoting transformation of research findings, and expected to “bring these good practices to the United States”.
MA Zhigang is giving a speech.

Later, MA Zhigang, Director of TusHoldings, Chairman of Tus International and Chairman of Tus-FinancialGroup, introduced at the symposium that Tus International, headquartered in Hong Kong, is devoted to becoming a leader in the industry of ICV terminal equipment, and will pay close attention to the fields of ICV solution and self-driving and build a smart commuting innovation system in the future. MA Zhigang brought forward five proposals for TusHoldings on its cooperation with Michigan: firstly, to conduct smart car and intelligent transport related business in Michigan, to promote research and development of and investment into smart car, and to build a Sino-America technical service platform; secondly, to strengthen the cooperation with University of Michigan, including building Sino-America scientific and technological incubation base, setting up venture capital fund, promoting transformation of research findings of universities, and paying special attention to high-tech fields such as smart traveling and intelligent manufacturing; thirdly, to work closely with Spark accelerator, to establish long-term cooperation mechanism for cross-border innovation networks, and to build high-speed channels for the Sino-America cooperation in the fields of technology, fund and service; fourthly, to build Tus-Michigan Science Park based on TusStar (Ann Arbor) Incubator; fifthly, to promote the cooperation between Tsinghua University and the University of Michigan in joint cultivation of talents and joint research of automobile technology innovation, and to bring into being a local scientific and technological service ecosystem.
Rick Snyder is giving a speech.

Rick Snyder spoke of the rich experience of TusHoldings in promoting transformation of research findings, and expected the two parties to actively explore their advantages and learn from each other under the background of the different political conditions, laws and cultures of China and US. He said that the advantage of Michigan is the great importance attached to talent related communication and cooperation and the ability to gather excellent management talents to cooperate with teams, which is a key factor of success; in terms of capital, the government of Michigan will provide comprehensive services for the enterprises coming to this state; in addition, the government of Michigan will actively link up small, medium and large-sized enterprises by means of government projects to achieve joint growth and mutual promotion. 

Taking “PlanetM” project and “M City” project as examples, Rich Snyder introduced the leading position of Michigan in ICV and smart commuting, and expected to have wider and deeper cooperation with TusHoldings. “We hope everyone can enjoy smarter life styles. We will not close our technologies, but expect to cooperate with outstanding enterprises. Now we are discussing about cooperation with Canada and Germany to expand our cooperation networks. In the future, we will bring forward worldwide rules of smart commuting to promote the development of smart car and other industries.”

WANG Jiwu, Chairman of TusHoldings, said that, with respect to the Sino-America scientific and technological cooperation, TusHoldings attached the greatest importance to the cooperation with Michigan and California. At present, TusStar is cooperating with the University of Michigan in the aspect of smart car. In the next step, TusHoldings will enter the field of “smart commuting” as recommended by Rick Snyder. “Governor Rick Snyder is a founder of Spark accelerator and an expert in the global innovation incubation industry. We wish to strengthen the comprehensive cooperation with him in this field.”

Rick Snyder expressed that for TusHoldings, Spark and the University of Michigan are very good partners; However, at the level of state government, the state of Michigan would impel more enterprises and universities to cooperate with TusHoldings, and is looking forward to a cooperation between TusHoldings and Detroit City, so that the whole cooperation network could develop quickly. 
YANG Ming is giving a speech.

Before the symposium, YANG Ming, Special Chairman Assistant of TusHoldings and Director and COO of Tus International, made a brief introduction of TusHoldings. As an enterprise group managing total assets more than USD 30 billion and holding shares of more than 800 companies, TusHoldings has built a unique global innovation ecosystem with the largest scale in the world, has established more than 200 innovation and entrepreneurship bases, and has incubated and served more than 5,000 enterprises. Taking the clustering innovation theories represented by the “Multidimensional Triple-Helix” model, TusHoldings has developed the incubation mode of “incubation service + financial investment + entrepreneurship training + open platform” and a financial service system covering the whole industrial chain, and has invested into many domestically leading industrial groups in strategic emerging industries such as environmental protection, new energy, health, and new material. It has high strength and remarkable achievements in transformation of research findings, startup enterprise incubation and innovative talent cultivation.
A group photo

After the meeting, the delegation led by Rick Snyder visited TusStar incubator. They learned in details the distribution of the incubation networks built by TusStar across the country by means of “seven-step incubation chain” and its incubation achievements, and expressed high recognition to such network and achievements.
A group photo of TusStar

The members of the delegation from Michigan include Brian Connors, Director of Michigan China Innovation Center, Kevin Kerrigan, Senior VP of Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Director of Automobile Industry Office, Weiwei Lv, China Trade Development Manager of Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Courtney Henderson, Business Development Manager of Michigan China Innovation Center, Kelsey Snyder, daughter of the governor of Michigan, Allison Scott, Executive Director of Governor Office of Michigan, Katelyn Wilcox, Deputy Director of Official Reception Office of Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and so on.

ZHANG Jinsheng, Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman of TusStar, DU Peng, Vice President of TusHoldings, Executive Director of Tus International, and General Manager of Zhongguancun Street Company, WANG Shiqi, Vice President of Tus Digital Group, ZHANG Huishi, Executive Director of Tus International and Executive Director of TusPark Global Network (TGN), LIU Xueliang, Deputy General Manager of TusStar, and NI Zhi, General Manager of TusStar Michigan Incubator, participated in the above-mentioned activities.

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With 27 automobile assembling factories and 375 automobile R&D centers, the State of Michigan is a global center of automobile industry and also the biggest center of technological and engineering talents in the world. It takes a leading position in the field of development and integration of intelligent connected vehicles (ICV), and has developed the smart commuting brand of PlanetM. In January 2017, Tus International and TusStar signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Michigan in Beijing to jointly build Sino-America scientific and technological incubation base, promote transformation of research findings of universities, set up venture capital fund, and pay special attention to high-tech fields such as smart traveling and intelligent manufacturing. On June 7, a delegation of Michigan China Innovation Center and Michigan Economic Development Corporation visited TusHoldings. During that visit, the two parties further discussed about joint establishment of transnational innovation platform and building of resource exchange and cooperation bridges relying on their advantageous resources, and worked out plans for future cooperation, including setting incubation funds, configuring specialized funds, building specialized ICV incubators, establishing a science park of the University of Michigan, and so on. 

TusStar (Ann Arbor) incubation base, jointly set by Tus International and TusStar, is an innovation base of TusHoldings’ global network, focusing on ICV, self-driving and smart commuting. It will start business soon, and will actively promote Sino-America scientific and technological cooperation by virtue of the rich industrial resources and alumni resources of Detroit.