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A Delegation Led by MA Zhigang, Chairman of Tus International, Visits Michigan and CaliforniaPrint

Post Time:2017-09-21来源:TusHoldings

A few days ago, a delegation led by MA Zhigang, Director of TusHoldings, Chairman of Tus International and Chairman of Tus Financial Group, visited Michigan and California, the United States, and went to TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base for inspection and guidance.

Inspecting TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base and visiting University of Michigan

TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base, jointly set up by Tus International and TusStar, is one of the innovation bases in the global innovation network of TusHoldings, and focuses on intelligent connected vehicles (ICV), self-driving and smart mobility. This base will be formally opened in a few days, and will actively promote the scientific and technological cooperation between Chinese and American parties by virtue of the rich industrial resources and alumni resources of Detroit.

Exterior of TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base

During the inspection and visit, TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base held a fellowship meeting with many entrepreneurial teams and investors in the Great Detroit Area. More than ten senior technicians and researchers from May Mobility, General Motors, Technology Transfer Office of University of Michigan and other institutions attended this meeting. Director MA Zhigang had in-depth communication with them on topics such as intelligent automobile and smart mobility, and invited them to settle in TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base and participate in the ICV acceleration camp to be organized by Tus International in China.

A delegation led by MA Zhigang (the first from right) went to TusStar Ann Arbor Incubation Base for inspection and guidance.

During the visit in Michigan, director MA Zhigang also had a meeting respectively with Martin Philbert, Dean of University of Michigan, Jack Hu, Vice President of University of Michigan, and Alec Gallimore, Dean of School of Engineering, University of Michigan. The two parties exchanged opinions on joint cultivation of talents, entrepreneurship incubation, investment fund setting-up, and construction of Tus Science Park of University of Michigan.

Visiting California to seek for opportunity of cooperation in smart mobility and artificial intelligence

On September 17, MA Zhigang, Chairman of Tus International, visited School of Engineering, Stanford University, and exchanged opinions with professors of this school on smart mobility and other topics. They focused on the topics of academic exchanges and matching student entrepreneurial teams in top-grade artificial intelligence, and also discussed how Tus International could participate in the school-enterprise interaction project organized by Automobile Research Center of Stanford University. 

On the morning of the next day, MA Zhigang visited Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) of University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), and Professor Chan Ching-Yao, Director of PATH, introduced and showed several research findings of this center and introduced with special stress the latest condition of Deep Drive, a cross-department collaboration platform built by UC Berkeley for researches on AI application. The two parties exchanged opinions on the detailed research cooperation and technical incubation in the fields such as AI, and paid special attention to the issues of research project and collection and exchange of fundamental data, expecting to lay a foundation for the future application of research findings in enterprises.

Visiting Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) of UC Berkeley

After that, MA Zhigang visited SkyDeck, UC Berkeley, one of the most famous incubators in California. Relying on UC Berkeley, this incubator has rich experience in successful implementation of incubation and acceleration projects in Internet application and many other aspects. MA Zhigang and Caroline Winnett, in-charge person of the incubator, had a discussion on the cooperation between the two parties in incubation network building and joint setting-up and management of venture capital fund.
Visiting SkyDeck, UC Berkeley
Having a meeting with Dr. Christine A. Gulbranson (the second from right)

On the afternoon of the same day, MA had a meeting with Dr. Christine A. Gulbranson, Senior Vice President of University of California in charge of technical innovation and entrepreneurship affairs of all the ten branches of this university. The two parties particularly discussed about the incubation and investment mechanism of Tus International and UC system concerning research and application of smart mobility and AI technologies, and also exchanged opinions and reached certain consensus on the possibility of joint construction of science park in Silicon Valley. In addition, the two parties also discussed about the topic of whole system research finding transformation fund and introduction of scientific and technological enterprises into Chinese market, especially the ecosystem of TusHoldings. Later, MA Zhigang had a meeting with Dr. DAI Fan, Special Advisor of Governor of California, and Mr. Drew Bohan, Deputy Director of California Energy Administration, and discussed with them on several topics relating to the automobile.

YANG Ming, Executive Director and COO of Tus International, participated in the above-mentioned activities as an accompanier.
Inauguration Ceremony of North American Tsinghua Alumni Association of Automotive Industry (US WEST)

On the evening of September 19, YANG Ming, on behalf of Tus International, attended the Silicon Valley Automotive Industry Forum and Inauguration Ceremony of North American Tsinghua Alumni Association of Automotive Industry (US WEST) held in Santa Clara, San Francisco Bay Area. Representatives of Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University and Chinese automotive enterprises and representatives from automotive industry in US west coast area made speeches, and Consulate General of China in San Francisco sent an officer to the site to express congratulation.

As a component of the industrial platform of Tsinghua and an enterprise focusing on intelligent automobile and smart mobility and investing into and paying attention to innovative technology incubation , Tus International wishes to work with the alumni of Tsinghua University and other professionals in US west coast area, to strengthen the liaison with them, to promote the industrial cooperation between China and US, and to accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological research findings.