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Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Reports On China’s Scientific and Technological Innovation Makes Tsinghua University and TusHoldings Typical CasesPrint

Post Time:2018-07-31来源:TusHoldings

Recently, the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) reported on the development of China’s scientific and technological innovation. According to the report, it is the universities that take the lead in scientific and technological innovation, and Tsinghua University, on behalf of China, strives to cultivate and promote the development of start-up businesses. Tsinghua University not only provides legal and operational support to students and researchers engaged in entrepreneurship, but also liaises with investment companies and provides preferential office space; up to the present, it has incubated and served more than 5,000 enterprises accumulatively.

With incubation and service support from TusHoldings, Nafuture sells wall plant products. Mr. Junfeng SHI, CEO of Nafuture, is a graduate of Tsinghua University. He introduced that the company’s products are featured by the system for managing the plant growth status, which can automatically judge whether the current status is good for plant growth. The APP can be used to remind the time of maintenance. He said that without Tsinghua University’s support, there was no way for him to start a business.

TusHoldings, under Tsinghua University, has total assets of more than JPY 3 trillion. Vice President Jinsheng ZHANG, in charge of technology transformation and cultivation of start-up businesses, said: “It is very meaningful to transform these research resources and human resources for improvement of the country’s innovation ability.”