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Chairman WANG Jiwu Holds a Talk with Thailand’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. SomkidPrint

Post Time:2018-08-25来源:TusHoldings

On August 23, at the invitation of Thailand, Chairman WANG Jiwu led an entourage to visit Thailand and had a talk with Dr. Somkid Jatusripitak, Thailand’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. This is the implementation and further deepening of the idea of exchange and cooperation proposed by the First Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Somkid after his visit to TusHoldings on June 27, 2016. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges with respect to China-Thailand cooperation, technological innovation, promotion of the eastern economic corridor of innovation, etc.

Chairman WANG Jiwu (left) and First Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Somkid

During the talk, the First Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Somkid said that he was actively promoting cooperation between Thailand and China’s Pan-Pearl River Delta region, and hoped to make Thai people recognize and attach importance to the development of science and technology through a series of cooperation. He believed that TusHoldings was a trustworthy old friend of Thailand in promoting the technological innovation and development of Thailand, and could cooperate with Thailand in the fields of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, aerospace and food innovation, so as to lay out the future ecological enterprise chain. Thailand would provide pragmatic support in terms of government procurement, technology talent system and related policies for the business development of TusHoldings in Thailand, so as to jointly promote the development of Thailand and even the ASEAN region.

Chairman WANG Jiwu reviewed his talk with the First Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Somkid at TusHoldings two years ago, he believed that Thailand’s willingness to cooperate was firm and its cooperation philosophy coincided with that of TusHoldings. According to Chairman WANG Jiwu, in the past two years, the cooperation between the two parties have achieved preliminary results, and some of the ideas put forward by the First Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Somkid have come true, so TusHoldings is confident in the development of Thailand and the cooperation between China and Thailand. He emphasized that Thailand was an important region of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and one of the countries that attached importance to technological development in the Southeast Asia, but it should develop technology and strategic emerging industries definitely for the sake of economic transformation. When they met two years ago, the two parties reached a consensus on the construction of the eastern economic corridor of innovation and the Digital Economy Center. So he hoped that this talk would promote the initiation process of the project. With respect to the future cooperation, he gave the following suggestions: Firstly, from the highest level, based on the understanding for the eastern economic corridor of innovation, TusHoldings can provide consulting support for the construction and development of the entire innovation corridor; secondly, TusHoldings should combine investment with incubation, build a digital technology park, co-build a digital college, launch a digital industry fund and jointly create a digital innovation system; thirdly, the two parties should expand the scope of industrial cooperation by cooperating both in the field of digital economy and in the fields of environmental protection, clean energy, precision medical treatment, block chain technology, etc.

Group photo of Thailand’s First Deputy Prime Minster Dr. Somkid, Chairman WANG Jiwu and other meeting participants

During the talk, Pichet Durongkaveroj, the Thai Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Suvit Maesincee, the Thai Minister of Science and Technology, and Utama, the Thai Minister of Industry, shared their opinions with respect to the development of the Thai technology companies and the strategy of Thailand Industry 4.0 respectively, with the hope of integrating with the advanced resources of TusHoldings to promote the development of the Thai technology and economy. MA Zhigang, Director of TusHoldings and Herbert CHEN, COO of TusHoldings, further explored the entry point of cooperation between the two parties around the Greater Bay Area project, TusHoldings smart vehicles, construction and operation of science parks, etc. The members of the delegation also included YANG Ming, CEO of Tus Science and Technology Service Group, LONG Yu, Chairman of Huayu Investment Co., Ltd., WANG Shiqi, CEO and President of 21Vianet Group, HUANG Haibin, Vice President of Tus Digital Group and Chairman of Tus-Digital Display, GUO Jia, Chairman Secretary of TusHoldings, etc.

PS: Chairman Wang Jiwu led the entourage to visit the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association on the day of finishing his talk with Thailand’s First Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Somkid. Dr. Bhokin Bhalakula, former President of the National Assembly of Thailand, former Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association, warmly welcomed Chairman WANG Jiwu and other members of the delegation.

Chairman WANG Jiwu (left) and President Dr. Bhokin

During the visit, Chairman WANG Jiwu introduced the development of TusHoldings in Thailand from project cooperation to industrial investment and then to leading Chinese enterprises to make investments in Thailand. President Dr. Bhokin expressed his regards to his old friend Chairman WANG Jiwu, and said that the association would do its utmost to assist with the initiation of TusHoldings’ investments and projects in Thailand. They also exchanged their views on the cooperation related to the “Belt and Road Initiative”.