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Chairman Jiwu WANG Meets with Porsche Chairman Oliver BlumePrint

Post Time:2018-09-01来源:TusHoldings

On the afternoon of August 29, Chairman Jiwu WANG met with Dr. Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche, and his entourage in TusPark. The two parties discussed the possibility of cooperation in terms of innovative technology and automotive industry segments.

Chairman Jiwu WANG was giving a speech.

During the meeting, Chairman Jiwu WANG extended a warm welcome to Dr. Oliver Blume and his entourage. He briefly described TusHoldings’ business layout of the park segment, industry segment and finance segment under the guidance of the “Multidimensional Triple Helix” theory, and pointed out three feasible directions for cooperation with Porsche: firstly, Tus International under TusHoldings has conducted deployment in the intelligent connected vehicle field, and it can help Porsche explore the Chinese market and deepen the cooperation in terms of cloud control technology and vehicle intelligent systems in the automotive field; secondly, TusHoldings, as represented by Tus-Clean Energy Research Institute, is developing biodiesel and hydrogen energy applications. It has made investment in a lithium battery plant which ranks among the top three in China, and can strengthen cooperation with Porsche in the automotive energy field; thirdly, TusHoldings has increased its investments in the automotive industry segments, such as investment in China’s leading drone company - ZEROTECH, and can explore cooperation with Porsche in new segments. Chairman Jiwu WANG said, “TusHoldings is an international enterprise with global layout, and has more than 300 global innovation & entrepreneurship bases. Porsche can make requests and ask questions freely. And we have the confidence and ability to give satisfactory answers.”

Dr. Oliver Blume was giving a speech.

Dr. Oliver Blume said frankly that when he came to TusPark, he was very surprised at the rapid and global development of TusHoldings. “China has been the largest market for Porsche in the world for three consecutive years, and we need to find excellent partners in China. We need to strengthen our understanding of the Chinese market and China’s innovation and development, and need to know more about the enterprises like TusHoldings. We look forward to in-depth cooperation with TusHoldings in the future.”

Dr. Oliver Blume and his entourage asked questions about the cooperation model between TusHoldings and international large companies and the cooperation path with Porsche. Chairman Jiwu WANG said that with respect to international cooperation, TusHoldings never copied the domestic model overseas, but leveraged its global innovation network and integrated global resources to achieve precise and effective cooperation. He summed up three models of cooperation between TusHoldings and international large companies: firstly, build an incubation platform jointly, invest in and acquire small shining enterprises in the industry; secondly, invest in the automobile industry; as a holding company holding a number of listed companies, TusHoldings has financial and industrial advantages and a sharp investment vision; thirdly, combine the global future technology, Porsche advantages and China’s R&D economy, and seize the Chinese talent advantage and R&D economic development dividend. “At present, Tus International under TusHoldings has invested in the ‘Car-Road-Cloud Integration’ platform, and TusHoldings has invested in China’s most cutting-edge intelligent public transportation system and China’s largest urban transportation research institute; coupled with the emphasis and investment in the smart vehicle energy field, TusHoldings can definitely find many points of cooperation with Porsche and the global automotive industry.”

When being asked how TusHolding incubator or investment becomes the first choice for start-up companies, Chairman Jiwu WANG started from the three missions of TusPark - incubation of startup enterprises, cultivation of innovation talents and transformation of technological achievements, and expounded the role of TusHoldings’ multidimensional triple helix of “technology, industry, capital”, “science park, industry, finance” and “government, enterprise, university” in promoting the incubation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. He also pointed out that in addition to financing and investment assistance, TusHoldings could also provide technology integration, marketing and enterprise management services for small and medium-sized enterprises or partners, thus greatly increasing the competitiveness of the companies under incubation. Taking ChineseAll, GigaDevice, TusPark Cambridge and the project of lithium extraction from Qinghai salt lakes as examples, he described the irreplaceability and irreproducibility of TusHoldings in terms of the incubation of startup enterprises and worldwide technology integration and promotion.

Chairman Jiwu WANG said that TusHoldings had been committed to becoming a global technology and innovation integrator and striven to promote the cooperation between global advanced technologies and innovative industries. At present, TusHoldings has invested in the arrangement of almost all strategic emerging industries, and will seek leading-edge cooperation in precision medicine, artificial intelligence and future vehicles on a global scale.

At the meeting, Jiawen LI, Executive President of Tus Cloud Control, Wujun FENG, Vice Dean of Tus Clean Energy Research Institute, and Jianjun YANG, founder of ZEROTECH, exchanged their views on the vehicle intelligent system, research & application of biodiesel and hydrogen energy as well as drone business and development respectively.

Dr. Oliver Blume (right) presented a Porsche 911 car model to Chairman Jiwu WANG.

After the meeting, Dr. Oliver Blume presented a Porsche 911 car model to Chairman Jiwu WANG, and took a group photo with him.

Prior to the meeting, Herbert CHEN, COO of TusHoldings, showed Dr. Oliver Blume and his entourage around TusPark and Digital Showroom of TusHoldings. He briefly introduced the history of TusPark and TusHoldings, and pointed out the three special characteristics of TusHoldings as an enterprise: firstly, TusHoldings is the flower of the Tsinghua University industry and a viable mixed ownership enterprise; secondly, the products made by TusHoldings are enterprises because TusHoldings takes the incubation of innovative enterprises as its initial mission; thirdly, TusHoldings has deployed hundreds of innovation & entrepreneurship bases in the world, and built the world’s largest and unique global innovation network.

The participants of the meeting also included: Lutz Meschke, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche (Finance and IT), Andreas Haffner, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche (Human Resources), Dr. Detlev von Platen, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche (Marketing and sales), Albrecht Reimold, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche (Production and Logistics), Uwe-Karsten Staedter, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche (Procurement), Dr. Michael Steiner, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche (R&D), Rolf Hartmann, Porsche Global Vice Chairman (Smart Mobility), Dr. Sven Lorenz, Porsche Global Vice President (Information System), Martin Urschel, Porsche Smart Mobility General Manager, Sebastian Wohrapp, Porsche Global Vice President (Digital Business Platform), Stefan Buescher, Porsche Global Vice Chairman (Sales Network and Multichannel Retail), Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Patrick Kueck, Porsche Global Strategy and Innovation Director, Mattias Ulbrich, Porsche Global Vice President (Information System), Sheng Tantzscher, Vice President and CFO of Porsche China, Carsten Hess, Vice President of Porsche China (Strategic and Business Development), Zhigang MA, Director of TusHoldings and Chairman of Tus-Financial Group, Zhiyuan XUAN, Vice President and Business Development Director of Tus International and COO of Tus Cloud Control, Xuan WANG, President of Tus-Digital World, Quan YUAN, Chairman of Tus Longhai, Liguang WANG, Chairman of Qihai Capital, and Juan WU, Executive Vice President of Tianjin Yuandu Technology Co., Ltd.