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Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development Meets TusHoldings’ Delegation to Eastern Europe Print

Post Time:2019-06-19来源:TusHoldings

On June 17, Mr. Nenad Popovic, Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development, met TusHoldings’ delegation led by Executive Vice President Herbert CHEN and Vice President ZHANG Jinsheng of TusHoldings in the minister’s official residence in Belgrade.

Mr. Nenad Popovic (fourth from left), Serbian Minister of Innovation and Technological Development, met TusHoldings’ delegation.

Minister Popovic recalled with the delegation the days when he participated in the Second “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation in China in April of this year, emphasizing the long-term and stable friendly relations between Serbia and China. In addition, he discussed the way the Serbian government supported youth innovation and entrepreneurship in terms of institutional mechanisms and policies, and the planned visit of the delegation of 200 corporate leaders led by the Chinese government to Serbia in October of this year. Minister Popovic warmly invited TusHoldings to send a delegation to relevant enterprise exchange and coordination activities.

In view of the main business content and international cooperation mode of TusHoldings as described by Executive Vice President Herbert CHEN and Vice President ZHANG Jinsheng, Minister Popovic pointed out that TusHoldings should be regarded as a well-known company in China committed to building an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and fostering the growth of high-tech enterprises, and renowned for its remarkable innovative ecological network and achievements. He hoped that TusHoldings could closely communicate with such institutions as University of Belgrade to promote the substantive progresses in cooperation projects on incubators or other items as soon as possible with the substantial support and help from the Serbian government in all aspects. Cabinet members of the Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development of Serbia, Assistant to the Minister, Vice President of University of Belgrade and other relevant leaders attended the meeting.

Before the meeting, TusHoldings’ delegation was invited to the University of Belgrade, where Executive Vice President Herbert CHEN signed with President Rwanka Popovic of Belgrade University the relevant agreement on the placement of “TusStar” in Belgrade on behalf of the two parties, and visited the office of TusStar in the city center of Belgrade.

Herbert CHEN, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings, and Rwanka Popovic, President of Belgrade University, signed an agreement on the joint establishment of “TusStar” Incubator.

Before visiting Serbia, TusHoldings’ delegation was invited to the seminar themed by “Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice: Current Status and Future Development” and held by the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship and Management Development Association, and delivered a keynote speech. During the seminar, Executive Vice President Herbet CHEN gave a brief introduction of TusHoldings during a live interview with the Bulgarian National Radio.

After that, at the invitation of the Lithuanian Embassy in China, the delegation attended “Lithuania National Innovation Trends Summit 2019” held by the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and Innovation in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and made a keynote speech, introducing the important role of Chinese science parks in China’s economic development, with TusHoldings and Tsinghua University Science Park as examples. Mr. CHEN Lin, Economic Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Lithuania, made a special trip to the venue and congratulated TusHoldings as the only representative of China at this meeting, and expressed that he would give full support for TusHoldings’ business cooperation with Lithuania and neighboring countries.

Executive Vice President Herbert CHEN made a keynote speech at the “Lithuania National Innovation Trends Summit 2019”.

During the meeting in Lithuania, Mr. Marius Skuodis, Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation of Lithuania, invited some representatives of Lithuanian universities and entrepreneurs to meet TusHoldings’ delegation in the minister’s official residence, and conducted preliminary discussions on the issues related to the introduction of the advanced laser technology and industries of Lithuania to China through TusHoldings’ global innovation network.

Mr. Marius Skuodis (fifth from left), Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation of Lithuania, met TusHoldings’ delegation.

The delegation also held talks with some business start-ups in Bulgaria, and were invited to Belgrade Click Board, and Sapiecos Science Park in Vilnius, Lithuania, a science park run by private institutions but with attractive office space, and some other organizations, and established relations with them, thus enhancing mutual understanding, improving the visibility and influence of TusHoldings in these areas, and laying a foundation for each business segment to develop business in the above countries and surrounding areas.