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Tuslink – Switzerland Innovation Online Company Matchmaking Conference Is Successfully HeldPrint

Post Time:2019-07-12来源:TusHoldings

On July 11th, the Tuslink - Switzerland Innovation online company matchmaking conference jointly organized by TusHoldings and Switzerland Innovation was successfully held. Based on the consensus of both parties, this conference promoted mutual understanding and cross-border cooperation between Swiss and Chinese companies through the establishment of a cross-border innovation network platform.

At the conference, Herbert CHEN, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings, introduced in detail the innovation management operation mode of TusPark and the prospects for future cooperation between China and Switzerland. He expressed the hope that through the construction of a bilateral innovation platform, innovation implementation services can be provided for the enterprises of both countries, and innovative resources can be shared, and Swiss companies are also welcomed to actively use TusHoldings’ network to strengthen their cooperation with China. LIN Jian, International Cooperation Director of TusHoldings and Deputy General Manager of TusStar, shared the information about the innovation ecosystem of TusStar, vertical incubation model and the development of TusHoldings’ overseas representative innovation bases.

Raphaël Tschanz, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Switzerland Innovation, and Marco Jaggi, Representative of China, based on the memorandum of cooperation signed by the two parties, respectively gave a detailed introduction to Switzerland’s innovation advantages, the functional positioning of Switzerland Innovation as a national government agency, as well as its advantages in terms of resources, research and development, universities, industries, platforms and so on for the provision of innovation services to enterprises. Antoine Jourdan, Director of Switzerland Innovation EPFL (Lausanne), gave a detailed introduction to the initiatives and innovation service support of Switzerland Innovation in helping companies grow, and the Swiss innovation ecosystem, and analyzed the leading position of Swiss innovation in the world through relevant data charts.

Subsequently, representatives from Tus-EST, Tus-Clean Energy, Tus Cordmagic, ZhenRobotics, Akkadu, Maodou and other Chinese companies conducted an online road show, and two companies expressed their hope to cooperate with Switzerland to establish overseas R&D centers. Switzerland Innovation also expressed its willingness to help Chinese companies to obtain matchmaking resources and residence services through its platform.

At the end of the conference, the two parties expressed that they would continue to maintain close communication, arrange special matchmaking as soon as possible, and implement the results of this conference efficiently and pragmatically. TusHoldings said that it would also welcome Swiss companies to participate in online roadshows in the future, help more Swiss companies to develop in China through TusHoldings’ platform, and promote friendly and pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, so as to lay a foundation for further cooperation between the two parties. SHANG Wei, International Cooperation Manager of TusHoldings, presided over the conference. JIN Jinghao, Director of Foreign Investment of Beijing Office of Japan External Trade Organization, and LI Ziran, International Business Manager of TusStar, also attended the conference.