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WANG Jiwu Talks with George Hara, Board Chairman of Japan Defta Foundation and Member of Cabinet OfficePrint

Post Time:2019-12-16来源:Tusholdings

On December 14, at the invitation of WANG Jiwu, George Hara, Board Chairman of Japan Defta Foundation and Member of Cabinet Office, visited TusHoldings. The two parties had an in-dept discussion on some matters of mutual concern, such as new technological revolution and innovation incubation system.


During the discussion, WANG Jiwu emphasized the unique “Triple Helex” mode and existing innovation eco-system layout of TusHoldings. Mr. George Hara also mainly introduced their investment in the field of massive health in recent years, especially in the gene technology and cancer treatment. The two parties reached a consensus that the innovation cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises, especially in the aspects of AI, medical health and new-generation communication technology, should be promoted jointly against the challenges of aging society and geopolitics.

Mr. George Hara established the Defta Foundation in 1984 and successfully invested in many communication technology enterprises, such as Silicon Valley, from 1990 to 2010 as one of the most successful investors in the Silicon Valley history. Recently, Mr. George Hara has paid more attention to the technical innovation in the field of medical health, and actively invested in gene technology and medical care service, so as to drive the application of relevant technologies and the improvement of people’s livelihood with his extensive influence in Japanese government and business. Currently, he is the Member of Japan Cabinet Office, the Special Adviser of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Industrial Planning Adviser of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc. With the above posts, Mr. George Hara has been actively promoting the reduction of tax rate to drive long-term investment and R&D investment of enterprises, and standardized the financial and tax system of the Japanese government. Since the publication of his treatise titled An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations in 2007, the concept of public welfare capitalism proposed by Mr. George Hara in the book has been more and more widely recognized by the Japanese high-level government and business, and has demonstrated positive impacts on the direction of industrial and economic policies in Japan in recent years.


Mr. George Hara also visited Life Healthcare, a company invested by TusHoldings, and Cordmagic, and was shown around TusHoldings’ digital exhibition hall by YANG Ming, General Manager of Tus-S&T Service. Danzhi Ganxiong, Managing Director of Defta, Stanley Sakai, Director of EMS Capital, and relevant officials of TusHoldings participated in such visits and discussions.