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TusHoldings Event |Online Seminar “The Opportunities of Japanese Market Under the Global Pandemic” is Successfully HeldPrint

Post Time:2020-04-20来源:Tusholdings

On the afternoon of April 17, the online seminar “The Opportunities of Japanese Market Under the Global Pandemic”, jointly hosted by TusHoldings and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Beijing, and co-hosted by TusStar, Innovation Center of China Association for Science and Technology, China-Japan-Korea Enterprise Exchange Center of China Chamber of International Commerce and QYKX, was successfully held through a online video conference. The purpose of the seminar is to provide an exchange opportunity for cooperation among companies under the global fight against the pandemic of COVID-19. The seminar was hosted by Sophia Shang, International Cooperation Manager of TusHoldings and CEO of TusStar Japan.


Herbert Chen, COO of TusHoldings, and Kawabuchi Hideo, Deputy Director of JETRO Beijing, delivered speeches respectively. Herbert Chen introduced TusHoldings’ important role in Tsinghua University’s industry and its assistance in the growth of many high-tech companies by building the space platform, industrial platform and financial platform and integrating various innovation elements, important contributions made by technology companies under TusHoldings during the epidemic, and other information. Kawabuchi Hideo said that JETRO was honored to cooperate with TusHoldings. He shared his thoughts with the guests online that the COVID-19 has brought about both challenges and opportunities to the development of companies, Japanese government’s financial support and other support policies for domestic companies. According to him, JETRO is still committed to advancing the resource connection and cooperation among business start-ups and large enterprises in both Japan and China. Subsequently, Jinghao Jin, Investment Director of JETRO Beijing, explained in detail the new business opportunities in the field of technological innovation in Japan during the pandemic period, the main industries that JETRO and Japanese local governments concern, and the key services and support provided by them. Yongrui Wang, Incubation Director of TusHoldings and COO of TusStar, moderated the roundtable meeting of “How technology can empower companies to transform and upgrade under the pandemic situation”. Junpu Xu, Chairman of ACCB, Yanni Zhao, Deputy General Manager of TUS-EST Solid Waste Recycle Center, Jinghua Zhao, Executive Dean of Tus Data Asset Research Institute, and Zhao Geng, Product Manager of Shenzhou Dexin respectively discussed the work conditions of TusHoldings’ industrial sectors in the prevention and control of the pandemic through relevant technologies and products, involving virus detection, medical waste disposal, participation in the construction and operation of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital, R&D and launch of the AI digital diagnostic system of the COVID-19, and the launch of the “Star Plan” to help small and micro start-ups to resume work and production. Subsequently, Xiaojun Sun, CEO of BionicM from the incubator of the University of Tokyo, and Depeng Zhao, CEO of X-Link from Tsinghua accelerator, two of them are successfully set up their companies in Japan, they discussed the advantages of the Japanese business environment, the opportunities and challenges faced by companies under the impact of the pandemic, and introduced their companies’ technical products. Finally, Yan Tian, a lawyer of Japan Nakajima Comprehensive Law Office, Ying Huang, Head of China Business Network (CBN) of PwC Japan, and Yaojia Kong, the representative of ABCJ, a Japanese tax accountant corporation, who are the representatives of the Japanese third-party service agencies invited by JETRO, they introduced relevant themes on company registration, visa application, accounting, taxation and business location selection for foreign companies in Japan. More than 100 guests from universities, research institutes, government agencies, Top 500 enterprises, small and medium-sized innovation enterprises, science parks, incubators, well-known media and banks participated in this event online.