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TusHoldings and Sichuan Tianfu New Area, Chengdu Industrial Group signed to build the world's largest blockchain industry groupPrint

Post Time:2020-06-30来源:TusHoldings

On the morning of June 29, TusHoldings signed a cooperation agreement with the Management Committee of Sichuan Tianfu New Area and Chengdu Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd.(" Chengdu Industrial Group "). The three parties will invest 10 billion yuan to set up Tus Tianfu Block-chain Industrial Group. TusHoldings Chairman, China-ASEAN Science and Technology Industry Cooperation Committee Chairman Wang Jiwu, Sichuan Tianfu New Area Management Committee Office Executive Deputy Director and Tianfu New Area Chengdu Party Committee Secretary Liu Renyuan, Sichuan Tianfu New Area Chengdu Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Management Committee Director Chen Lizhang, Chengdu Industrial Group Chairman Shi Lei attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing.


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Beijing Venue


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Chengdu Venue

In this cooperation, TusHoldings will give full play to its advantages and build seven industrial clusters of future-oriented blockchain industry innovation ecology and financial security, cross-border trade, transportation logistics, biomedicine, energy trading, cultural tourism, regional economic integration, and promote the "Belt and Road" cross-border coordinated development. Drive Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other global well-known blockchain projects, technology development teams, digital asset research institutions, trading institutions, financial services institutions and other landing Tianfu New Area, create the most dynamic blockchain industry innovation ecology, accelerate Chengdu to be a global blockchain brand center and distributed technology innovation center.

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Speech by Mr. Chen Li-chung

Chen Lizhang on behalf of Tianfu New Area Chengdu Party Committee Management Committee in the signing ceremony, he expressed warm congratulations on the signing of the project. He said that blockchain, as a disruptive technology, is leading global technological innovation and industrial change, has a bright future, and is potential to be the new blue sea. Tianfu New Area is a national new area of China, that China President Xi Jinping involves the planing of development strategy, and the central and local governments attach great importance to it, and all sectors of industry are very concerned about it. The construction of the national headquarters of Tus Tianfu Blockchain Industry Group and Tus Tianfu Liandu industrial park project is a major measure for Tianfu New Area,TusHoldings and Chengdu Industrial Group to jointly implement the national strategy. The project will certainly inject strong impetus into the science city of western China, and it will also become the strategic fulcrum to enlighten the global innovation network in the economic circle of Chengdu-Chongqing region. Looking forward to the three parties hand in hand, sincere cooperation, speed up the enlightenment Tianfu Blockchain Industry Group national headquarter and enlightenment Tianfu LianDu park to do bigger and stronger, and work together to create a leading Chinese benchmark and global model of blockchain innovation applications.

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Speech by Mr. Wang Jiwu

In his speech, Chairman Wang Jiwu expressed his sincere congratulations on the landing of the project. He pointed out that TusHoldings and Tianfu New Area cooperation, this project cooperation is fully consistent with agreements between TusHoldings and the Sichuan Provincial Government on the long-term developing strategy of 5G, emerging industries, new infrastructure. Tus Tianfu Blockchain Industry Group is expected to become the largest professional blockchain group in China and even the world after landing in Chengdu, which is a new major breakthrough in the history of TusHoldings. Wang also pointed out that this time with an industrial group to lead the construction of a professional park, including industrial ecology, is very different from building a traditional science and technology park, and Chengdu municipal party secretary Fan Ruiping mentioned in the recent important speech of the transformation and upgrading of the park economy, especially stressed the need to build an industrial ecological circle on the basis of the park, this positioning and enlightenment holding transformation and upgrading coincided. The two sides completely break the traditional mode of cooperation, from the global perspective, at the same time with high-level technology park operation capacity, high-level industrial group building capacity and high-level small and medium-sized enterprises incubation capacity, only TusHoldings can finish this. We hope to accelerate the completion of the related landing work of Tianfu Blockchain Industry Group, which is set up according to 10 billion net assets, and will be the only industrial ecological sample in the world to operate in the "three-in-one" mode after its establishment. We hope that all parties will work together to echo the "double city strategy" and jointly help the world-class rise of western China.

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Qiu Xudong (left), deputy secretary of the Chengdu Party Working Committee and secretary of the Chengdu Science City Party Working Committee in Tianfu New Area, Sichuan, and Zhang Jian, deputy general manager of Chengdu Industry Group, signed an agreement at the Chengdu venue


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Wang Ding, senior vice president of TusHoldings, chairman of Tus Digital Group and chairman of Tus Data Group, signed an agreement at the Beijing venue

At the ceremony, Qiu Xudong, deputy secretary of the Chengdu Party working Committee of Tianfu New Area, Sichuan Province, and secretary of the Chengdu Science City Party working Committee, Zhang Xu, deputy general manager of Chengdu Industrial Group, Wang Ding, senior vice president of TusHoldings, chairman of Tus Digital Group and chairman of Tus Data Group, signed the agreement on behalf of the three parties.

The signing of the cooperation is typical, advanced and large scale, promote the implementation of "Belt and Road "," Chengdu-Chongqing double-city economic circle" and other national strategies. The agreement stipulates that the three parties will give full play to their respective advantages, focus on new infrastructure, new carriers, new industrial construction and investment incubation of blockchain ecological enterprises, and focus on key core technology research and development, industrial cluster cultivation, demonstration benchmarking for major applications, training of high-skilled digital personnel, and standard system formulation. To promote the integration of digital economy in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and make due contribution to the construction of the fourth pole in the future.

The members attended the online signing ceremony:  Rao Cheng, member and deputy director of the Party Committee of Chengdu, Tianfu New Area, Sichuan Province; Jing Bo, member and director of the Party Committee of Chengdu, Tianfu New Area, Sichuan Province; Liu Xuegui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Chengdu Industry Group; Song Bowen, Minister of Investment Development of Chengdu Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd.; Zhao Dong, executive vice president and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of TusHoldings; Shi Dongwei, president of Tus Data Group; Chen Keke, vice president of Tus Science and Technology City Group; Tan Xin, senior vice president of Tus Data Group and general manager of Sichuan Tus ShuAn; Li Yu, deputy secretary-general of TusHoldings Coordination Committee .