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IASP Has Its First Chinese President Over Its 37-year HistoryPrint

Post Time:2021-10-19来源:TusHoldings

In the General Assembly of the 38th International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) Virtual World Conference that just wrapped up, Herbert Chen, Deputy Director of TusPark Administrative Committee and Senior Executive Vice President of TusHolding was elected as the President of IASP. This is the first time since the establishment of IASP 37 years ago that a representative from a China-based science park serves as the president.

“In the next two years, I will contribute my service in the capacity of IASP President, working with the new Vice President Ms. Lena Miranda, the new Board of Directors, IASP Headquarters and all members to make IASP more attractive, influential and successful.” At the session, Herbert Chen said in his inaugural speech that IASP will hold the first offline world conference after the Covid-19 pandemic in Seville, Spain in 2022, and that on behalf of IASP, he expressed a warm welcome to all IASP members, related organizations and individuals who are interested in participating in the 39th IASP World Conference.

Founded in 1984, IASP is composed of science parks, areas of innovation and other institutions from more than 70 countries around the world, representing more than 100,000 high-tech tenant companies. It is by far the only non-profit international organization worldwide with science parks and areas of innovation as its main members. IASP enjoys high reputation in the industry and have made significant contributions to the development of international science parks and areas of innovation.

IASP has all along attached great importance to its development in China. It successfully held three IASP World Conferences in Beijing in 1995, 2005 and 2015 respectively, and in 2001, it established IASP Beijing Office (later renamed China Office) - its only overseas office in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and Beijing Municipal Government. The office is currently located in TusPark under the management of TusHoldings. IASP is also one of the international organizations that have been supporting “Zhongguancun Forum” for a long time.

At present, the number of Chinese members of IASP accounts for about 10% of the total, the largest among all countries. The newly elected President Herbert Chen owed his new position to the trust of IASP, all its members and China’s development. It is exactly the strength of China and the persistent efforts that TusHoldings and TusPark have made in international science and technology exchanges and cooperation bring him the honor to be the first IASP President from a Chinese science park over 37 years, which also reflects the respect that the representatives of various countries have toward China’s innovative forces.

Speaking of the subsequent work arrangements, President Chen said that science parks and areas of innovation have played an important role in the development of science and technology innovation in the countries. IASP is a platform and window for international science parks to understand the global development trend of the industry, as well as a bridge to promote international exchanges and cooperation among the science parks and areas of innovation. In the future, he will make efforts in coordinating the resources and needs of all parties concerned and maintaining the harmonious and innovative development of IASP. Furthermore, he will put forward specific implementation measures on improving IASP knowledge services, upgrading the online communication platform, tracking and understanding the needs of the members, while expanding other channels for serving member. As a representative of Chinese science parks, he will also showcase China’s image more by using IASP activities and platform, introducing China’s development, telling stories about China, so as to let the world know more about China’s advances in science park industry while introducing more advanced experience in international science park management, help more Chinese science parks become more international, and cultivate and develop more international talents.

According to him, TusHoldings has benefited a lot from being a 17-year member of IASP. Over the past years, it has set up a global innovation network consisting of more than 300 science parks and incubation bases around the world, playing an active role in international science and technology exchanges and cooperation. In the future, TusHoldings will continue to serve China’s  innovation and development. He and his team will inherit and carry forward the hard-working spirit of the three generations of TusHoldings staff who are composed mainly of Tsinghua talents to enhance the significance of science park internationalization, make China’s image displayed by China-based science parks in international organizations more meaningful, and make TusHoldings’ contribution to the win-win cooperation among the world’s science parks.