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Chairman Wang Jiwu Addresses “Philippine-China Cooperation 2022”Print

Post Time:2022-08-22来源:TusHoldings

On August 22, Chairman Wang Jiwu delivered a keynote speech at the “Philippine-China Cooperation Forum 2022”, being the only entrepreneur representative present at the forum. The year 2022 marks the first year of China-ASEAN comprehensive strategic partnership, which also coincides with the establishment of the new Philippine government. This forum was held at this occasion to enhance the good-neighborliness and friendship between the two sides, further explore complementarity and business opportunities in economic development and trade  between the two countries, and promote trade and investment cooperation, jointly achieving new development in the construction of RCEP.




Following a brief introduction to TusHoldings in his keynote speech, Chairman Wang pointed out that internationalization has always played a key role in the innovation and development of TusHoldings wich has successfully established a global scientific and technological innovation network, created a “circle of friends” on the world stage, and been recognized as a representative of international cooperation for “model output”. In recent years, TusHoldings has actively responded to the national “Belt and Road” initiative by integrating global innovation elements and introducing “three-dimensional triple helix” model to carry out innovation cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”, aiming to promote the emerging industries in developing countries such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Speaking of the relevant exchanges and cooperation between TusHoldings and the Philippines, Chairman Wang said that the Philippines, one of the founding countries of ASEAN and an important signatory of RCEP, is also an ideal choice for TusHoldings to implement its internationalization. TusHoldings’s development course has been accompanied by exchanges and interactions with the Philippines. The “China-ASEAN Sci-Tech Industry Cooperation Committee’ initiated by TusHoldings has established a cooperation and dialogue mechanism in the field of science and technology industry with the Philippines; the “Social Good-oriented Incubation and Dream-Building Plan Along the Belt and Road” initiated by TusHoldings has successfully linked many countries and regions including the Philippines to start a journey of innovative services; at the Digital Economy Cloud Forum for International Cooperation that was hosted by TusHoldings, we had the honor of having the Philippine ambassador to China to give advice on the future development of digital technology in the two countries; Tus Lazada Cross-border Ecological Innovation Service Center aims to provide high-quality and all-encompassing empowerment services for cross-border enterprises including Philippine enterprises to explore overseas market. For the project of Daguang Bay RCEP Economic, Technological and Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Center, whose construction is to start soon, TusHoldings will design and build the Philippine Pavilion to fully display local characteristic projects and build a brand new platform for Sino-Philippines economic, technological and cultural exchanges. 


Chairman Wang also said that scientific and technological innovation is the key impetus to advance the development of the countries included in the “Belt and Road” and RCEP Initiatives, and it also represents an important direction for relevant international industrial cooperation. TusHoldings hopes to take full advantage of scientific and technological innovation to build extensive and diversified cooperative relations with the Philippine government, universities and enterprises, so that we can make joint efforts for scientific and technological innovation and industrial and economic cooperation and development in the new era. Specifically, the first is to respond to President Marcos’s calling for reform, “to fully support the introduction of high-tech manufacturing, health care and other strategic industries and various emerging technologies in the eco-industrial park”, build a carrier of sci-tech innovation, and export TusHolding’s mature mode of science and technology parks operation, link the global innovation network of TusHoldings, cultivate and introduce emerging industry technologies; the second is to share the experience of running a school with TusHoldings Digital College as an example, and to develop digital technology talent training and international digital education; the third is to rely on TusHoldings’ vertical innovation carrier in the ASEAN and RCEP regions to strengthen cultural and economic exchanges between China and the Philippines. “In the past decade, the Philippines has drawn the world’s attention to its continuous and dynamic economic revival. In the future, we look forward to continuing to cooperate with the Philippines through scientific and technological innovation to drive the economic development of the two countries and promote the common progress of society.” said the Chairman. 


Otino, Chargé d’ Affaires ad interim. of the Philippine Embassy in China, Glenn Penalanda, Acting Deputy Minister of the Philippine Ministry of Trade and Industry, Yang Guoliang, Minister Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, Xu Ningning, Executive Director of the China-ASEAN Council and Chairman of RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee, Sun Xiao, Secretary-General of China Chamber of International Commerce, and other leaders of relevant government departments from China and the Philippines, as well as leaders of relevant national industry associations and chamber of commerce, and representatives of relevant communities were invited to attend. The forum was chaired by Lv Kejian, former Director General of the Asian Affairs Department of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Executive Member of RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee.