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Yang Weize, Secretary of Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Visits TusParkPrint

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On 10th June, Yang Weize, secretary of Nanjing municipal Party committee, Jiangsu Province and other delegates paid a visit to Tsinghua Science Park. Xu Jinghong, Tsinghua principal assistant, CEO of Tsinghua Science Park Co., Ltd. received the delegation.

First of all, Xu Jinghong introduced the great progress in construction, development and management of Tsinghua Science Park supported by Tsinghua Science Park Co., Ltd in recent years and the related information about this park. Tsinghua Science Park has enjoyed a developing history of 17 years, with the continuous breakthroughs in innovative enterprise services system. Till now, the park has established brand revealing leading science and technology parks in over 30 districts such as Nanjing, Shanghai, and Kunshan, which acts as the effective support for promoting district economy development and for the construction of innovative nation. Secretary Yang praised all the progresses of Tsinghua Science Park and its support for innovative services system and expressed the expectation to further cooperate between Nanjing Government and Tsinghua Science Park. The delegation also observed related products and inquired relevant circumstances.

Xu Jinghong expressed the sincere gratitude towards Nanjing municipal government leaders at all levels for their concerns and care for the development of Tsinghua Science Park during the long term. According to him, further cooperation between Nanjing Government and Tsinghua Science Park will be gone deep into, thus fully taking advantage of the innovative resources, advocating innovation culture, upgrading self-innovative ability in related industry and hi-tech enterprises in order to promote the rapid development of Nanjing.