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NPC Vice Chairman Visits Tsinghua Manufacturing Base for Biotechnology and High-end EquipmentPrint

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May 10th, Wang Zhaoguo, CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of 11th NPC Standing Committee, ACFTU Chairman visited Tsinghua manufacturing base for biotechnology and high-end equipment with the company of Luo Zhijun, Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province, Li Xueyong, governor of province, Guanaiguo, Party Secretary and mayor of Kunshan. Liu Wanfeng, Vice CEO of Tsinghua Science Park Co., Ltd. received the delegation.

During the visit, Liang Zicai, head of Small RNA Research Institute introduced the recent situation of small RNA and its development plan. Wang Zhaoguo showed the great confidence in that and praised the practice of making full use of the talents in RNA.

In the manufacturing base of high-end equipment, Wang Zhaoguo inspected Suzhou Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. He asked about the future and the manufacturing process of mass press machines. He pointed that this technology is a great stop forward for China as well as an outstanding breakthrough thus becoming a new point for manufacturing industry in Jiangsu Province. He gave the hope that related governments can work with Kunshan to speed up the construction process. 

When getting the knowledge that Tsinghua Science Co. Ltd (Kunshan) is taking charge of the whole manufacturing base, Wang Zhaoguo fully affirmed the significance for Tsinghua Science Park in the local economic development. At the meantime, he pointed that Tsinghua Science Co. Ltd has taken advantage of combing politics, industry, academy and research, continues to achieve industrialization and commercialization of research findings under the principle of national developing strategies.