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The 1st‘Mobile Internet & Incubator for Cultural and Creative Industry’of China was set up in ZGCPrint

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On the afternoon of 20 April, the entry ceremony of “Innovation Factory of TusPark - Angel Investor Club” was unveiled in Ding Hao Electronic Mall, west district of Zhongguancun. Those who were present at the venue included Sui Zhenjiang, Secretary of CPC Haidian District Committee; Guo Hong, Director of Zhongguancun Management Committee; Liu Hui, member of Beijing Science and Technology Committee; Li Kaifu, Chairman and CEO of Innovation Factory; Xue Manzi, first Chairman of Angel Investor Club; and several district governmental leaders. The event was presided over by Mu Peng, member of the CPC Haidian District Standing Committee and Deputy District Chief. It marked an official entry of “Mobile Internet and Hatcher for Cultural and Creative Industry”–sub park initiated by TusPark in west district of Zhongguancun – into the phase-2 project of Ding Hao Electronic Mall. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Xu Jinghong, President of Tsinghua Science Park Co., who also delivered a speech, as well as Vice President Qin Jun.

TusPark boasts rich experiences in operation and management of business incubators, incubation of sci-tech enterprises and construction of innovative and entrepreneurial service systems. Tsinghua Alumni Association of TMT is an entity which is active in internet and cultural industry, it has converged investment funds and leading enterprises of significant influence, and drawn participation of quite a number of industrial leaders and elites. The“Mobile Internet and Hatcher for Cultural and Creative Industry” jointly created by the said two entities will depend on the rich technical fruit and industrial resources of Tsinghua University in the mobile internet field, and TusPark experiences in business hatching and operation, as well as learn from successful hatching models in the world. 

By following the steps of personal computer and internet, mobile internet will raise another round of development tide. Being a strategic and new-type industry worth of USD10 trillion, mobile internet will emerge with the largest scope, fastest pace and greatest creativity in the next decade. By cooperating with Tsinghua Alumni Association of TMT, TusPark has tightly grasped the opportunity of robust development of mobile internet, and initiated trial for exploring sci-tech service models. The “Mobile Internet and Incubator for Cultural and Creative Industry” is aimed to integrate the industry, talents, capital of mobile internet, sci-tech and resource advantages of Tsinghua University, alumni at home and abroad and alumni enterprises, join hands in strength, properly coordinate with government, scientific research, capital and industry, make the incubator to fulfill its role in product development, team improvement, capital support and market exploration.  

The“Mobile Internet and Incubator for Cultural and Creative Industry”will firstly absorb entry of quite a number of companies and investment institutes dominated by Tsinghua alumni, as well as Angel Investors and practitioners. At present, there are already dozens of investment institutes, active Angel Investors, large upper-and-downstream enterprises, development parks/zones and incubators from different places negotiating with TusPark for entry and cooperation. Through the said fine resources, TusPark will build a tenacious and highly-efficient entrepreneurial service platform so as to incubate the future start enterprises in the field of mobile internet.