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2011 TusPark Theory Discussion Meeting held in Panyu, GuangzhouPrint

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During the period from October 14 to 16, “2011 TusPark Theory Discussion Meeting” was held in Panyu, Guangzhou. Those participated in this meeting were the whole executives and middle managers of TusPark Co, Ltd headquarter, the chief directors of all branch parks and some distinguished guests such as the deputy of the shareholders and potential shareholders and the deputies from partner and investment enterprises.

The meeting was hosted by Xu Jinhong, the president of TusPrak Co, Ltd. Firstly, the participants were presented by a series of keynote speeches such as the Discussion Paper of Strategic Plan for the Forth Development Stage, Business Pattern Reconstruction, Current Situation and Reflection about the Innovation Service, Financial Investment Trend and Strategy, the Current Situation of China’s Consulting and Training Industry and Prosperous Model Discussion and Enterprise Case Sharing, etc.

Mei Meng, the chairman and Xu Jinhong, the president both made a final report. Mr. Mei pointed out that with its own rounded business and business pattern and established industry influence and innovative capability, TusPark will spare all effort to become a leader in the global science park through the forth strategic development stage. During this stage, TusPark will take scientific and technological service suppliers as its strategic positioning to set up a innovative system, within which to develop a variety of business and to make its own contribution to the national and regional scientific and technological innovation and economic growth.

Mr. Xu made a analysis of the global economic situation in his final report, which indicated that the new shareholders were bound to add vitality to the development of TusPark under the circumstance that the state was vigorously promoting the scientific and technological service industry. He also pointed out that TusPark’s business, ideas and personnel had laid solid foundation for its future development through 17-year efforts. Besides, he explained the cultural connotation of his enterprise from the perspective of the world outlook and methodology and proposed that TusPark Co, Ltd should be a enterprise with conscience, wisdom, passion and ambition.

At the meeting, the shareholder deputies including Zhou Yafei, Wang Jiwu, Ma Zhigang, Qi Lian made their speech successively and proposed pertinent suggestions for the forth strategic development from the angle of shareholders.