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Mr. Herbert Chen Invited to become a Member of World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Agenda CouncilPrint

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As invited by Prof. Klaus Schwab, President of World Economic Forum (WEF), Mr. Chen Hongbo, Senior Vice President of TusPark and Director of International Association of Science Parks (IASP) Beijing Office, would become a member of the council on Fostering Entrepreneurship 2011 on behalf of TusPark.

Established in 2008, WEF GAC has 79 sub-councils, with 15-20 members in each council. The major mission of GAC is to service the international society in an unofficial manner as a consultant via WEF. It represents the most innovative and advanced brain trust worldwide with members being top-notch leaders and experts from various walks of life including government, academy, and international organizations. Via this platform, all the members join together, discussing hot issues of the day, finding solutions, recommending and deciding agenda for WEF and other activities.

GAC members and WEF shares the same vision, which is to have constructive and direct impact on setting up and recommendation on the agenda of agendas of various industries worldwide, so as to promote WEF as the synergy builder, manager, and communicator of outstanding knowledge to be shared worldwide. Thanks to the forum, the GAC is able to attract the remarkable abilities of the best thought leaders, integrate the intelligence of the elites worldwide, and help people to better understand the priorities of the day as well as the way these priorities impact and build the future. 

The invitation to Mr. Chen Hongbo has fully stated recognition from relevant global organizations and industries on the achievements of TusPark in fostering great entrepreneurs and building favorable innovative entrepreneurial environment. As a member of WEF GAC, TusPark gains the opportunity to promote its operation model and practices in a brand new field; meanwhile, to learn from the world advanced concepts on innovation and regional economic development, so as to make greater contribution to build China into an innovative country.