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Qingdou District SMB Venture Base Was Set in Xianyang Park of TusParkPrint

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The People’s Government of Qingdou District, Xianyang City gave a formal reply in QZGD[2008]No.18 and agreed to set Qingdou District SMB Venture Base in Xianyang Park of TusPark.

The origin intention of TusPark Qingdou District SMB Venture Base is to revolve around the development needs of SMB to integrate social resources and to effectively solve the problems ubiquitous exist in the beginning of SMB entrepreneurship, such as small scale, disperse distribution, low level of industry, difficult in land using and financing, etc. while to exert the industrial aggregation effect of University Science Park. The foundation of the base is a key component of the general deployment of TusPark.

Xianyang Park of TusPak will use the way of “unified planning, staged implement, corporational management and market operation to make the base a SMB development platform with “reasonable planning, beautiful environment, full range of facilities and complete services”. The Park will also use the Qingdou District SMB Venture Base as the main frontier to create a better venture development environment for companies inside the park with whole heart; to make the base a development polar of regional economics and to promote better and faster development of regional economics.

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