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Firms in TusPark Shortlisted in the 2nd Batch of Zhongguancun 100 Innovative Pilot EnterprisesPrint

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Recently, the list of the 2nd batch of Zhongguancun 100 innovative pilot enterprises was released. After rigorous screening and assessment, 7 firms recommended by Tsinghua Science Park were selected. This constituted nearly 10% of the total 79 companies in Beijing. The companies selected were: GigaDevice Semiconductor Inc., ChineseAll Co., Ltd, Beijing UNISITS Technology Co. Ltd., Thunip Holdings Co., Ltd, Synfuels Co., Ltd., Vorx Co., Ltd., and Hemu Technology Co., Ltd. 

Over the past two years, innovative high-tech enterprises received most of its resources and support from the Park under extensive support and help from the TusPark innovation system and the "Diamond Plan". Also, its rapid growth had a massive influence on the industry. The selected 7 enterprises had outstanding achievements in environmental protection, efficient use of energy, memory chip design, communications technology, intelligent traffic, legitimate digital content distribution, etc. Five of these companies are shortlisted in the "Diamond Plan". 

Seven companies in TusPark had been selected in the 1st batch of Zhongguancun 100 pilot innovative enterprises. In the end of 2007, the park organized enterprises to declare a second batch of Zhongguancun 100 innovative pilot enterprises. Therefore, in total, 14 innovative companies shortlisted in Zhongguancun 100 pilot enterprises were assembled in TusPark.

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