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Chairman Meng Mei:

Inspiration, which the Chinese name of TusPark represents, is an innovative concept and also creative practice.

For more than ten years, TusPark Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to “constructing a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship, paving roads for opportunities and success, and bridging technology with economy.” Its innovative development model has been a standard in the field of construction, operation and management of science parks. Moreover, it has achieved great attainments in respect of innovative service, pioneer investment, commercial property and innovative researches.

A great company is based on its great mission. TusPark Co., Ltd. not only supports Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark) to be world’s top, but also makes immeasurable contributions to the construction of an innovation-oriented country through its integrated innovation and business incubation platform. For such purpose, TusPark will continuously improve corporate capability, expand its business structure and enhance the business structure of science and technology services. It will be a Chinese leader and a global model of science and technology service industry.