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Board Chairman Mei Meng Became the VP of Asia Science Park Association (ASPA)Print

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Recently, Mei Meng, the director of TusPark Development Center and the Board Chairman of TusPark Co., Ltd, became the vice president of ASPA. This change in direction of ASPA indicates the expanding influence of TusPark in the international science park industry. The continuous growth of TusPark"s reputation will enlarge the global outlook of inside companies and strengthen their communication with international peers. As a result, it will lay a solid foundation for China's high-tech enterprises expand worldwide.

Asian Science Park Association (ASPA), founded in 1997, is an international non-governmental organization. Its aim is to promote regional economic development by local technical communication and industrial cooperation. ASPA plays the role of a "technology exchange converter" in the establishment of Asia Science Park Community. At the same time, ASPA also seeks to promote the joint development of regional economical and scientific innovation by technical development, regional innovation and reconciling historical problems in different areas. Currently, Asian Science Park Association has 53 members, which are science parks, universities, enterprises, research institutions, local governments and professionals in various fields from 15 different Asian countries and regions. One annual meeting, one seminar on science park managers and two council meetings are held each year. These meetings and activities build an effective channel and platform for mutual understand and communication among Asia science park managers.

The 2008 annual meeting of ASOA will be held in Beijing Tsinghua Science Park, together with the Asia branch annual meeting of International Association of Science Parks (IASP).

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