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Organization Department of CPCCC visits TusPark (Kunshan)Print

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On the morning of March 21, Sun Xueyu (Director of Bureau of Talents, Organization Department of CPCCC) lead a delegation to visit TusPark (Kunshan). Guan Aiguo (Secretary of CPCCC Kunshan Municipal Party Committee), Huang Jian (Secretary of the Party Working Committee), and Liu Wanfeng (TusPark's Senior Vice President) received the delegation.

Liu Wanfeng reported to Sun Xueyu and the delegation about the work TusPark (Kunshan) has done with regards to construction of the science park, building an innovative service system, commercialization of sci-tech achievements, attraction of talents, as well as the progresses of two major industrialization projects of Tsinghua University in Kunshan. Sun Xueyu recognized the achievements made by TusPark (Kunshan) in terms of promoting collaboration between government, university and industry, and said that he hoped TusPark (Kunshan) will further strengthen the industrialization projects and make bigger contributions to the regio's innovative causes.