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APEC Yantai (Fushan) Science Industrial Park sends delegation to TusPark (Yuquan Huigu)Print

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On the morning of April 9, Mr. Dai Longcheng (District Chief of Fushan District, Yantai City) led the APEC Yantai (Fushan) Science Industrial Park delegation to visit TusPark (Yuquan Huigu). Liu Xueliang of TusPark (Yuquan Huigu) received the delegation while Mr. Wang Chengke (General Manager of Shandong TusPark Management Co., Ltd) accompanied them for a tour. 

Liu Xueliang introduced to the delegation about the construction, development, operation and the industrial involvement of the park’s enterprises. Later the delegation took a tour around the park. 

APEC Yantai (Fushan) Science Industrial Park said that the visit was helpful for them to know about the mode of TusPark’s innovation/entrepreneurship services, which will surely benefit APEC in their future work.