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TusPark (Nanjing) and Chi-Lin Park Are Recognized by Nanjing Government As University Science ParksPrint

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Recently, Nanjing government approved the first seven “university science parks” and seven “strategic emerging industry innovation centers”, among which TusPark (Nanjing) and Tsinghua Chi-Lin Low-carbon Intelligence Park, both operated by TusPark, are listed. According to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by Tsinghua and the Nanjing government, the two parks will be co-constructed with relevant development zone and innovation parks of Nanjing. 

TusPark (Nanjing) will be jointly constructed by TusPark and Jiangning Development Zone, covering a total space of 340,000 square kilometers and integrating R&D, enterprise incubation, commercial facilities, residence for talents, etc. The park will be operated and managed by TusPark Nanjing Co., Ltd, which belongs to Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. The park will focus on featured industries in Jiangning, including new materials, new energy, the Internet of things and intelligence application technology, equipment manufacturing, automobile, software, software sourcing and bio-pharmaceutical technology, serving as an important platform of entrepreneurship in Jiangning. The park is now under construction and the innovation system is being built, but has already attracted a couple of enterprises to be incubated, including Smartdot Technology, Huadian Tongda View Science Co., Ltd, Zhongcheng Environmental Protection, Zichen Dingrui, etc. In 2011, three enterprise heads and projects in the park won the support of Nanjing “321 Entrepreneurship Talent” program, and one of them is supported by the national “Thousand Talents Program”.
Tsinghua Chi-Lin Low-carbon Intelligence Park is jointly founded by TusPark and Nanjing Chi-Lin Innovation Park with a planned floor space of 2 million square meters. In November 2011, Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. and China Private Ventures Limited jointed founded Jiangsu TusPark Development Co., Ltd as the operating body of the Tsinghua Chi-Lin Low-carbon Intelligence Park project. With a planned investment of 20 billion RMB, the park is positioned to be built into a new-style integrated body of “community, park and university.” Based on the concept of “Green, low-carbon, intelligent and excellent,” the park is divided into four sections respectively positioned as: low-carbon intelligent science park, entrepreneurship center for the young, commercial center and talent community. Jiangsu TusPark will join hands with Nanjing Chi-Lin to build Tsinghua Chi-Lin Low-carbon Intelligence Park into a comprehensive intelligent community that integrates innovative R&D, industrial development, leisure life and history and culture. The park is now under construction and the innovation system is being built, but partnership with a couple of renowned World Top 500 enterprises has been pursued for building a low-carbon, intelligent research institution. Meanwhile, a couple of agreements have been signed on projects including “Intelligence-based Project Management Service Platform,” “Research and Production of Power Electronics” and “Smart City System and Solutions.”
University science parks and strategic emerging industry innovation centers are important platforms for Nanjing to promote industry-university-institution cooperation and the commercialization of high-tech achievements. By now, a mechanism has been built to optimize local administrative resources and academic resources. Nanjing’s university science parks and strategic emerging industry innovation centers will be constructed inside the 20 “science and innovation zones,” where they will enjoy all the preferential policies after they are confirmed.