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Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.
YUAN Wei, President

In the 21st Century, with the ever-changing economic globalization trend and the increasingly intense international competition, it has become a common choice for many governments in the countries of the world to enhance the comprehensive national strength and core competitiveness relying on technological innovation and to establish a national innovation system. Faced with new changes, new challenges and new opportunities, the construction of scientific and technological power determines whether the goal of China of “two hundred years” can be achieved and whether the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation can be achieved.

As a comprehensive large-scale enterprise established relying on Tsinghua University, TusHoldings actively responds to national strategies. Under the strategic background of innovation globalization and promotion of the “public entrepreneurship and innovation”, “innovation-driven development” and “Belt and Road”, TusHoldings actively explores the laws of science and technology innovation and development, more focuses on building innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem network and gives more emphasis on concentration of various science and technological innovation resources and gradual growth and development of science and technology innovative service capabilities. Under the care and support of governments at all levels, Tsinghua University and the society, TusHoldings has not only built its flagship product TusPark into China’s first A-class university science park that is renowned at home and abroad, and also has integrated high-tech sun-rising industries including new energy, environmental protection, massive health, digital information and etc., and established more than 160 innovation bases in China and around the world, thus forming the world’s largest science and technology innovative service ecosystem network. TusHoldings is now growing from a service provider of planning and construction and operation and management for science parks into a well-known science and technology services group with comprehensive service capability.

Innovation is ever renewed. During the past 23 years, TusHoldings has grown from zero, from small to large and from weak to strong, into China’s first one hundred-billion-market valued science and technology service enterprise. Currently, China’s construction into a world-level powerful scientific and technological nation has been trumpeted, with its unique Trinitarian model of development of “Innovation Cluster” of “Science Park, Industry, and Finance”, TusHoldings will surely fulfill the mission of times, assume the responsibility as a national leading science and technology service enterprise and make efforts for the country to speed up the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and build a world-level science and technology powerful country.

Update Time:2017-04-24 14:46:57