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President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

Ms. YUAN Wei graduated from the school of Environmental Engineering and Institute of Economic Management in Tsinghua University in 1993 with a bachelor degree in engineering and economics; she graduated from 21st Century Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University in 1995 with a master degree in philosophy. 

From 1995 to 2000, she worked in the Intelligence Research Room of General Office of State Ministry of Science and Technology. Since 2000 she began working in venture capital industry with nearly 16 years of investment experience, and has focused on investment in the field of clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection for a long time; she managed multiple Renminbi funds and dollar funds. She once successively served as a partner of Shanghai Lianchuang Investment Management Co., Ltd. And Redpoint Ventures, and founding management partner of South River Capital, etc. Ms. YUAN Wei served as a director or supervisor simultaneously in many listed companies. She joined TusHoldings in 2014 and serve as the President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. now .