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Vice President & CFO of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Tus Education Group
Chairman of Tus Hotel Group
Vice Dean of TusPark Research Institute for Innovation

Mr. ZHENG Yao, born in 1972, is a senior economist. He graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University and obtained a bachelor degree in Engineering in 1996, and obtained a master degree in Management from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in 2000. He used to work as member of the Standing Committee and the Organization Department Director of the university Communist Youth League and the Party Branch Secretary of Tsinghua SEM. He has successively served as the Assistant Director of TusPark Development Center, the President Office Director, Assistant to the President, Secretary of Board of Directors, CFO, Vice President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. (former TusPark Construction Co., Ltd.), meanwhile working concurrently as the General Manager or Chairman of several subsidiary companies such as Tus-Property Management Co., Ltd., Huaqing Yingdi Company, Huaqing Investment Company, Wenjin Hotel, etc., as well as the Director of TusPark Education and Training Center. At present, he is the Vice President, CFO, Director of President Office and Vice Dean of Tus-Research Institute for Innovation of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.,and the Chairman of Tus-Education Group, Tus-Hotel Group and others.

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