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Tus-Holdings has built a multi-layer innovation space system with “point-line-plane” combination and organic interactive connection of incubators, science parks and science cities to meet the space and service demands of sci-tech enterprises in different development stages of life cycle. The group has gathered large-scale business platform enterprises including TusStar Incubators, TusParks, TusCities and TusCity Xiexin, built a new model that connects and interacts service and industry and a global innovative network characterized in datamation, networking and intellectualization and also formed an innovative and entrepreneurial service base cluster with TusStar Incubators, TusParks and TusCities as carrier, covering over 50 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Nanjing, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Chongqing and Shenyang, as well as some other countries and regions such as Hong Kong, USA, Korea, Russia and Israel. The total number of bases is more than 300.

Cluster of TusStar Incubators owns the first batch national incubator with the largest scale and starts the earliest; it also has built the first Sino-US cross-border incubator, the first mainland-Taiwan incubator and the largest incubator in Hong Kong; and it has created a famous incubation system brand centered on “TusStar”. TusStar Incubators have incubated and served over 5,000 enterprises accumulatively and over 2,000 enterprises are finished being incubated, including 30 enterprises being listed and over 40 enterprises being merged. Accumulated return on equity investment is nearly RMB 20 billion.

Four-dimensional space incubation in era 4.0. Tus-Holdings will release innovative potential and stimulate entrepreneurial vitality through six mechanisms of resource gathering, cross-border integration, opening and evolution, cultural infiltration, network hub and value sharing.

Cluster of TusParks owns the world largest science park network. Area of the completed science parks is 5,000,000m2, area of the parks in construction is 15,000,000m2 with over 3,000 sci-tech enterprises in these parks. It has initiated the operating system of “Internet+Science Park” in China, which makes outstanding contributions to promoting regional industrial upgrading and innovative ability improvement. Flagship product of Tus-Holdings - TusPark is a university science park whose single scale is the world largest and joined enterprises have the best quality; its annual R&D input exceeds RMB 5 billion and annual sales income exceeds RMB 100 billion.

Cluster of TusCities is a model of China’s new urbanization and sci-tech innovative integration development. With “Park-Campus-Community Linkage” as development concept, it devotes to promoting new regional urbanization construction and urban value improvement through science city construction and wisdom management.

Update Time:2017-06-29 22:07:39