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The CEO Breakfast Club of "Diamond Plan" Shortlisted Companies Is Held in TusPark ClubPrint

Post Time:2008-03-14

The CEO Breakfast Club of Shortlisted Companies of the "Diamond Plan" was held in TSP Club on March 12. Mei Meng, the Board Chairman of TSP Co., Ltd.; Xu Jinghong, the president; Qin Jun, The Planning Director and the entire staff of the Diamond Plan Office attended the club. Fifteen CEOs from shortlisted companies attended the club, including those from Suma Vision, ChineseAll, Smartdot, gigadevice, etc. Representatives from Intermediaries such as Deloitte and Touche firm, China Venture Capital Association, Kangxin Partners, and representatives from industrial associations such as the global semiconductor industry association also attended the club.

The Breakfast club is presided over by Mr. Qin. The president Xu gave a speech on the behalf of TSP and welcomed CEOs from newly shortlisted companies who attended the club for the first time. The board Chairman Mei Meng, delivered an important speech and made requests and hopes for the future development of the shortlisted companies of the “Diamond Plan”. Guo Songliu, the manager of the department of Corporation Planning and Development Research and the Director of the Diamond Plan Office, reported progresses of the “Diamond Plan” in the last year and described the 08 work plan.

  Subsequently, in a relaxed atmosphere, CEOs briefly introduced the latest progress of their companies and communicated with relevant people from intermediary agencies. After the meeting, the participants stated that breakfast club provided a good communication platform for shortlisted companies of the Diamond Plan and they hoped they could take part in more similar activities.

[The Department of Planning and Development]