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Southern Part of China– a Branch of Qiaobo Ice & Snow World Began Construction in ShaoxingPrint

Post Time:2008-02-19

On Jan. 20, 2007, Qiaobo Ice &Snow World Indoor skiing Hall Shaoxing Branch- Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice &Snow Indoor Skiing and Skating Hall began construction in Keqiao Town, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. The Executive of International Olympic Committee, He Zhenliang attended the commencement ceremony with his wife and laid the foundation for the ice & snow world. The advocate of Ice & Snow world and winner of 23 world championship, Miss Ye Qiaobo, local government leaders of Shaoxing and shareholders of the Ice and Snow World - TSP Co., Ltd, attended the laying ceremony. The ceremony was held by Mei Meng, the Board Chairman of Tsinghua Science Park Co.,Ltd . 

The theme of the project is a large-scale indoor skiing &skating hall, supported with a four star conference leisure hotel and the total construction area is about 58,000 m2. It is a generalsports venue with skiing, skating, travel, meetings, restaurants, resorts, and entertainment, which enable the venue to provide not only skiing and skating for amateurs all year but also quality services for family vacation and enterprises meetings. The hall is expected to be completed by the end of 2008. At that time people in Zhejiang will neither have regrets in being unable to see snow nor worry about having not skied. Visitors around the world, when they come to Shaoxing, in addition to do sightseeing in Lu Xun’s hometown, could also have a place for tourism, vacation, and sports.

In the stone laying ceremony, the Executive of International Olympic Committee, He Zhenliang read out the message of congratulation written by Chen Zhili, a member of the State Council. Xu Jingmao, the president of Tsinghua Science Park Co., Ltd, also gave a wonderful speech. The Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice& Snow World will surely become a growth paradise for future stars in ice and snow sports and a cradle for world champions after its completion. In addition to providing skiing and skating services for the public all the year, it will also add a scenery line to Shaoxing Keyan and become a new fashion for tourists to Shaoxing.

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