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Chairman of TusHoldings Wang Jiwu Led a Delegation to University of CambridgePrint

Post Time:2016-08-13 19:07:17

On August 12, Chairman of TusHoldings Wang Jiwuled a delegation to the University of Cambridge, conducted in-depth communication with the authorities of the University of Cambridge, Trinity College and management team of Cambridge SciencePark, and made a field trip to the oldest and most dynamic CambridgeScience Park in the UK.

On the morning of that day, in the “Old School” conference room with a history of more than 600 years close to the University of Cambridge King's College, Chairman Wang Jiwu and his entourage party talked with Professor Nigel Slater, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK and pro-vice-chancellor for Enterprise and Regional Affairs of the University of Cambridge and other leaders.
Chairman Wang Jiwu (second from left) was Talking with Pro-vice-chancellor Nigel Slater (second from right)

Professor Slater said that the University of Cambridge had the world’s leading R&D teams in life medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, health care and other areas, advanced laboratories and abundant research resources. A number of the world’s leading multinational pharmaceutical companies had chose to establish their global research and development centers in Cambridge; what’s more, some small and medium-sized start-up enterprises, especially technological innovation enterprises derived in reliance on university research institutions, had also chose to carry out entrepreneurship and development in Cambridge, so as to take advantage of the local scientific research resources, medical institution system and enterprise network system. As the development, construction and operation management unit of TusPark, TusHoldings adhered to the concept of incubation innovation and technological service, which was similar to the innovation support concept of the University of Cambridge, and the University of Cambridge welcomed TusHoldings to become its future investor and partner in the next stage of the expansion project of Cambridge Biomedical Park expansion and other projects.

Wang Jiwu said TusHoldings had established more than 140 innovation bases in China and around the world, owned the world’s largest ecological network of technological innovation and service, and hoped that the University of Cambridge could become a partner of TusHoldings Global Innovation Alliance. In the future, he hoped that the two parties can carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in health care, wearable sensors and other fields.
Group Photo of Chairman Wang Jiwu (third from right) and his entourage and Pro-vice-chancellor Nigel Slater (fourth from left) outside the “Old School” Building

In the afternoon, Rory Landman, senior bursar of the Trinity College, John Tweddle, partner of CambridgeSciencePark operation and management company - BIDWELLS, Dr Glen Crocker, CEO of BIOCITY, and other leaders extended their warm welcome to the delegation of TusHoldings at the Trinity College of the University of Cambridge. During the talks, Trinity College fully affirmed the enterprise-university-research institute joint development concept of TusPark and the three-in-one development model integrating science park, technology industry and technology finance into one, recognized and praised TusHoldings’ achievements in incubators, science parks, technology cities and other areas, and hoped to explore opportunities of cooperation with TusHoldings at all levels.
Group Photo of Chairman Wang Jiwu (third from left), Rory Landman, Senior Bursar of the Trinity College (fourth from right) and Other Leaders

Wang Jiwu said the CambridgeSciencePark, as the UK’s first science park, successfully promoted theconnection between industrial and commercial enterprises and universities,urged the combination of basic research with product innovation, became a source of technological and economic development, and was successful model among the science parks in the world. In the future, TusHoldings would continue to learn the development experience of the CambridgeSciencePark, look forward to cooperation with Trinity College andCambridgeScience Park, jointly build an international network platform for innovation, and spread Cambridge phenomenon and the cluster innovation concept of TusHoldings.

After the talks, accompanied by the relevant leaders, the delegation of TusHoldings paid a visit to the CambridgeSciencePark founded in the late 1970s. At present, the Cambridge Science Park covers an area about 60 hectares with a large number of office, test and service facilities, and more than 5,000 employees from over 100 companies are working here, including Broadcom, NAPP and Huawei. Currently, comprehensive renovation and new projects are under construction in the science park.

At the University of Cambridge, Wang Jiwu also visited Mr. Venki Ramakrishnan, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Deputy Director at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, and Chairman of the Royal Society of the UK, and invited him to come to Tsinghua University for a speech and visit TusHoldings and TusPark, and Mr. Venki Ramakrishnan gladly accepted his invitation.
Chairman of TusHoldings Wang Jiwu (middle) and International COO of TusHoldings Yang Ming Were Talking with Mr. Venki Ramakrishnan, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry (first from left)

During the visit to the UK, the delegation of TusHoldings inspected Cocoon Networks Sino-UK Technology Venture Incubator under construction. Located at London’s Tech City Centre, the incubator is developed and constructed by Cocoon Networks, the first equity investment institution in the technology area with Chinese fund background in the UK. During the talk with Chairman of Cocoon Networks Wang Weiguo,Wang Jiwu first proposed to build an overseas new era “ChinaTown”, which takes technology and innovation as the core.

The delegation of TusHoldings was also invited to talk with the relevant business leaders of the and International Market Department of London Stock Exchange Group, and they discussed the future cooperation opportunities in the promotion of the development of Chinese and UK technology start-up businesses and small & medium-sized enterprises, green bonds and other fields.

This visit was organized by Tus-Technological Service Group, and International COO of TusHoldings Yang Ming, Investment Director of Tus-Technological Service Group Feng Qihua, Senior Investment Manager of Tus-Technological Service Group Shao Yunming also participated in the visit.

[Background Information]

Cambridge Phenomenon: In the late 1960s, the wave of technological revolution drove the UK Government to promote the combination of university technological achievements with the industry. Since 1970 when Trinity College of the University of Cambridge built UK’s first science park - Cambridge Science Park in Cambridge, a high-tech industrial cluster has been gradually formed around the science park, the companies in the computer hardware and software, scientific instruments, electronics and biotechnology have continued to emerge, and Cambridge Science Park has become one of the most famous science parks in the world. The development of Cambridge Science Park has created “Cambridge phenomenon”, that is, a high-tech industry cluster can achieve an innovative economic growth mode which takes high-tech as the core, and brings an economic growth rate much faster than the local average.