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TusHoldings Annual Working Conference 2017 Themed by “Creating the Future with S&T Belief” Held in Beijing Print

Post Time:2017-01-23 10:10:19

TusHoldings Annual Working Conference 2017 was held at TusPark Beijing on January 19-20. Top management team and persons in charge of departments, segments and branches of TusHoldings of more than 260 people participated in the conference to summarize the work, face the problems and look ahead themed by “Creating the Future with S&T Belief”. Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, Wang Jiwu, Chairman of TusHoldings, Li Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee & Vice Chairman of TusHoldings, Wu Xu, Vice Chairman of TusHoldings, Yuan Wei, President of TusHoldings, Zheng Yun, Director of TusHoldings & Vice President of Tsinghua Holdings, and Cao Zhidong, Director of TusHoldings & Vice Chairman of Tus-Financial attended the conference. 
Scene of TusHoldings 2017 Annual Working Conference

At the beginning, Wang Shugui, Chen Xiang and Herbert Chen, Executive Vice Presidents of TusHoldings, made systematic summary and report regarding the strategic emerging industrial cluster development of TusHoldings, business strategic collaboration and experience strategies of Tus-City and international business development of TusHoldings; Zhao Dong and Cai Xiaowei, Vice Presidents of TusHoldings, made detailed analysis on investment structure, financial indexes and audit work of TusHoldings respectively. In the later two days, persons in charge of segments and branches reported and exchanged 2016 working conditions, 2017 working plan and working problems. 
Wang Shugui, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings, is reporting the development conditions of TusHoldings’ strategic emerging industrial cluster
Chen Xiang, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings, is reporting the business strategic collaboration and experience & strategies of Tus-City

Herbert Chen, COO of TusHoldings, is reporting TusHoldings’ international business development conditions

Zhao Dong, Vice President of TusHoldings, is reporting TusHoldings’ investment structure 
Cai Xiaowei, Vice President & CFO of TusHoldings, is reporting TusHoldings’ financial indexes and audit work

According to the two-day conference, in 2016, we made innumerable great achievements and in 2017, we will raise our fighting spirit. After realizing leap-over development and becoming the first hundred billion S&T service enterprise in China, TusHoldings is sticking to our S&T belief and accelerating to build full-industrial chain S&T innovative and entrepreneurial eco-system.

TusParks grow rapidly. Up to the end of 2016, TusHoldings has built a network of bases with more than 160 incubators, science parks or science cities around the globe as carriers. It has realized full coverage over the economic circles, such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. In 2017, Tus-Incubator cluster will initiate the plan of interaction between base and base, between base and industry; TusPark cluster full-chain “small closed ecology” will be rapidly promoted; Tus-City cluster will value collaboration and seek for development, and then start or accelerate major project construction in key regions. 

S&T industry is on the upgrade everywhere. At present, TusHoldings has formed five strategic emerging industrial clusters, including environmental protection, clean energy, big health, digital economy and new materials, and two supporting industries including educational training and cultural media also start to make full effort. In 2016, TusHoldings came up with the strategy of “Digital Industrial City” for the first time, and then carried out and formed the business development model combining technology, industry, application and market in many cities. As the first business cluster platform commonly initiated and created by the business segments inside TusHoldings via capital linking mechanism, establishment of Tus-New Material is significant and it is a successful attempt for the collaboration of the business segments inside TusHoldings. Tus-Clean Energy is based on clean energy eco-system that is comprehensively competitive in the solar energy industry and clean energy field. Zhejiang Tus-Robot Industrial Group is promoting the robot and intelligent manufacturing industry to develop rapidly from “0” to “1” and from “1” to “N” following the R&D economic innovation thinking and model of “scientist + entrepreneur + maker group” and “R&D - incubation - investment - M&A”. In the future, Tus-S&T Industry will make internal collaboration, then realize borderless innovation and invigorate industry for building our country. 

S&T finance forges ahead. While enriching basic strength, Tus-S&T Finance service cluster keeps enhancing strength, capacity and vigor and provides full-industrial chain financial services for enterprises. At present, Tus-S&T Finance has formed three main businesses including assets management, investment bank and financial service, and then built internal collaborative platform with six fields, including digital industrial city fund, industrial investment fund, equity income right financing, ABS, financial assets transaction and investment bank. In 2017, Tus-Fund business cluster formed with TusStar venture capital investment fund, Tus-S&T Service PE investment fund, Tus-S&T Service assets management fund, digital incubation fund, energy interconnected fund, block chain fund and clean energy fund will further carry out “clustering development and collaborative innovation” and insist on the development strategy of “one body with two wings” to strengthen the support of investment projects and fund capacity building.

International business makes breakthroughs. In 2016, TusHoldings signed 38 cooperation agreements with 17 countries and institutions, and assigned 18 delegations to exchange with and visit 13 countries and regions. TusHoldings’ innovative service network or industry has been carried out in Korea, USA, Russia, Thailand, Pakistan, UK, Egypt, Switzerland, Taipei and some other countries and regions. In 2017, TusHoldings’ international business will strengthen top-level design of development strategy, reinforce cooperative engagement mechanism of the segments in international field, encourage the discussion and practice of international business model, and increase input and focus on promotion in recruitment, cultivation and reserve of international talents.
Zheng Yun, Director of TusHoldings & Vice President of Tsinghua Holdings, is speaking

According to Zheng Yun (Director of TusHoldings & Vice President of Tsinghua Holdings), as to the rapid development of TusHoldings, firstly, it benefits from TusHoldings’ open culture, as the broad mind generates sparks only with excellent partners from all walks of life; secondly, it benefits from internal incentive mechanism and motivates team vigor; third, it benefits from TusHoldings’ spirit innovation, as it dares to explore the road that no one has ever walked through. “TusHoldings has a good collaboration situation and wish TusHoldings could create a better collaborative business model in the future.”
Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, is speaking

In the speech made by Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, who concerns about the development of TusHoldings, he highly affirmed TusHoldings’development situation in 2016 and expected TusHoldings could receive more splendid achievements in 2017. Xu Jinghong said, “Global influence of Tsinghua Industry and TusHoldings grows day by day. Tsinghua Industry devotes to creating a ‘world eco-platform for S&T innovation and service’. TusHoldings will play a significant part. So I look forward to the development of TusHoldings!”

“Over twenty years’ innovation journey, it is just the time to step over.” 2016 is a year for TusHoldings to realize great-leap-forward development. In this year, under the witness of President Xi Jinping, TusHoldings has become a pillar of the country representing China’s export service; become the first hundred billion grade S&T service enterprise in China and won the title of “ China’s Most Admired Company in 2016”; built over 160 global innovation base networks that are the biggest ones all over the globe and cover the most extensive industries; built business flagships, including Tus-New Material, Tus-Arts&Sports and Tus-Design through diversified method of integration and capital increase ... In the future, TusHoldings will take root in Tsinghua, forge ahead in unity and write a more splendid and magnificent chapter for the development of China’s innovation cause.