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TusHoldings, Israel COMPASS and Chengdu Municipal Government Jointly Establish Sino-Israel Innovative Technology Transfer PlatformPrint

Post Time:2017-03-03

On March 1, Ronen Dagon, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed by Yuan Wei, President of TusHoldings, Ronen Dagon, Chairman of Compass Ventures Group (hereinafter referred to as “Compass”), Liu Liedong, Vice Mayor of Chengdu Municipal Government, Du Haibo, Chief Officer of Longquanyi District Government and Director of the Administrative Committee for Chengdu Economic Development Zone in TusPark, thereby starting a new chapter of TusHoldings’ strategic layout under the context of “the Belt and Road”. Zvi Heifetz, Israeli Ambassador to China, and Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings attended the signing ceremony and made remarks respectively.
Signing ceremony
President Yuan Wei was remarking

At the signing ceremony, President Yuan Wei remarked that Israel is the world's most famous country in respect of technological innovation and scientific innovation, and has a long history of communication with China in term of history, culture, science and technology. Both countries have established a solid foundation and accumulated huge potential for further cooperation. The cooperation between TusHoldings and Compass aims at building a Sino-Israel bilateral innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, introducing advanced technology from Israel, exporting Chinese outstanding scientific talents, thereby working together to create a pragmatic and effective cross-border cooperation pattern.
Chairman Ronen Dagon was remarking

Chairman Ronen Dagon said that both parties are faced with natural cooperation opportunity, depending on Israel's rich technologies and technical resources, as well as China's huge market and human resources. Over the past few years, Compass has made great efforts in development of the American and European technology transfer markets. He expressed the intention to further promote cooperation with China in the future, and to spread the Israeli technologies through such outstanding enterprises as TusHoldings. In addition, Chairman Ronen Dagon strongly believed the cooperation between TusHoldings, Compass and Chengdu Municipal Government will promote technology transfer successfully.
Vice Mayor Liu Liedong was remarking

“Israel is an important center of global scientific and technological innovation, and ranks the first in the proportion of R & D investment worldwide.” Vice Mayor Liu Liedong spoke highly of Israel's innovation and entrepreneurship environment. Over the past 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between both China and Israel, Chengdu and Israel have cooperated and communicated frequently in term of culture, science & technology, trading and other fields. In the future, the two parties will further conduct more extensive cooperations. He emphasized that TusHoldings is a well-known enterprise in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in China, as well as a major force under Tsinghua University. The cooperation between Chengdu, TusHoldings, and Compass in building the Sino-Israel Science Park marks the substantial significant progress of partnership between Chengdu, Tsinghua University and Israel.  

Ambassador Zvi Heifetz was remarking
Chairman Xu Jinghong (second from right) was delivering a speech

At the signing ceremony, Ambassador Zvi Heifetz and Chairman Xu Jinghong congratulated the cooperation. Zvi Heifetz said it was a great pleasure to see Israeli science parks and Chinese science parks work together, and placed great hopes on future bilateral cooperation. Chairman Xu Jinghong summed up that “no matter how the world changes, integrated development is the future of global economy. The cooperation between TusHoldings, Chengdu, and Compass will not only promote global economic cooperation and development, but also play a demonstrative role.”

The signing ceremony was presided over by Hebert Chen, COO of TusHoldings, attended by Ofer Peleg, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs under the Embassy of Israel in China, Michal Schwartz, Director of Cultural Academic & Provincial Affairs under the Embassy of Israel in China, Ding Xiaobin, Director of Chengdu Investment Promotion Committee, Wu Jian, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Chengdu, Pang Wenzhong, Director of Beijing Investment Promotion Office under Investment Promotion Committee of Chengdu, Zeng Xin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Longquanyi District Committee; Moshe Kamar, CEO of Compass; Zhao Yanlai, Vice President of Tsinghua Holdings, Chen Xiang, Executive Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman of Tus-City Group, Zhao Dong, Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman of Tus-Digital Group, Zhang Jinsheng, Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman of TusStar Incubator, Du Peng, Vice President of TusHoldings, Peng Jinchuan, Senior Vice President of TusHoldings and Chairman of Sichuan TUS.

Extended Reading

At present, Israel and China are accelerating their cooperation in science and technology innovation in a highly complementary manner, and it is important consensus between the leaders of the two countries to deepen innovative cooperations. TusHoldings and Israel's cooperation dates back to 2013: both parties executed the first project in Haifa, a northern city in Israel, and made friendly partnership. Since then, TusHoldings, Israeli government and leading enterprises have been actively interacting in respect of technological research and development, marketing, strategy development, technology transfer and other aspects. In the future, TusHoldings will eliminate the cross-border cooperation barriers between Chinese and Israeli technology-based enterprises, lead the joint establishment of cross-border science and technology parks, incubators, joint innovation platform, technology transfer center, Sino-Israel innovative fund, etc, through the unique ecological model of “dual parks in two countries” and cross-border investment fund, thereby promoting Sino-Israel collaborative innovation, and create a model of strategic cooperation along “the Belt and Road”.

In August 2014, Tsinghua University and Sichuan Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu. Acting as an important carrier for the implementation of cooperation between Tsinghua University and Sichuan Province, TusHoldings has actively promoted and intensified cooperation affairs between the two sides in scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation, etc. In order to speed up the cooperation progress between local provincial government and the university, TusHoldings’ delegation led by Chairman Wang Jiwu and President Yuan Wei paid several visits to Sichuan, and reached a number of cooperation consensus with local government and enterprises. Chengdu plays a pivotal role in China’s “Belt and Road” initiative, acting as a well-known landmark of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in China. Meanwhile, Chengdu plays an important role in cooperation between Israel and China; under the operating model of “dual parks in two countries” by TusHoldings, the Sino-Israel science park in China intends to be located in Longquanyi District, which is committed to creating a globally influential high-tech transfer platform.

Israel Compass Ventures Group is a holding company engaged in global innovative technology and related project management, with global leading technology investment experience and management experience. Founded by former senior executives of the World Bank, Compass has controlled or held shares in about 100 enterprises worldwide, covering environmental protection, water, green technology, safety, automotive, medical, security & protection, smart city, safe city and other high-tech fields.