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Suzhou Design Renamed as Tus-Design, the Number of TusHoldings Listed Companies Increases to 7Print

Post Time:2017-03-10

On March 8, Suzhou Design announced that the company has been renamed from “Suzhou Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd.” to “Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd.”. Then the number of listed companies where TusHoldings acts as the largest shareholder has increased to seven.


Tus-Design has been listed in Shenzhen A-share GEM since February 4, 2016. The company is committed to providing technical services in the field of construction engineering, covering one-stop integrated service process from strategy, planning, design, EPC (general contracting), PPP (public-private-partnership) as well as operations. The company has accumulated many years of experience and made great results in tech-city, big health, tourism ecology, urban renewal, public buildings, recreation & sports, living, rail complex, landscape garden, interior decoration, underground air defense and other fields, Tus-Design is committed to being a leader in integrated technology for residential environment who provides all-round integrated services, aiming to improve the quality of residential environment, and featuring innovation and technology integration in construction engineering field. 


Tus-Sound (000826.SZ) was listed on the main board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1998. It has been committed to waste reutilization and sustainable development of environmental resources for a long term. The main business of the company covers integration of solid waste disposal system, R & D, manufacturing and sales of environmental protection equipment, sanitation integration in urban and rural areas, recycling and utilization of renewable resources, municipal water supply for specific regions, investment and operation services of sewage treatment projects, etc.


Founded in 1956 and previously known as Hengyang Chinese Medicine Factory, the company is a state-owned Chinese traditional pharmaceutical company with a long history. In January 1996, the company was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company is committed to research and development of traditional Chinese medicine recipes, proved recipes and Western medicine preparations, consisting of three major business divisions: traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and medicine marketing. As the company’s featured product, Guhan Health Essence originated from the ancient Western Han Dynasty “Health Recipe” unearthed in Changsha Mawangdui. The product is awarded “National First-class Confidential Prescription”, “Chinese Medicine Brand Product”, “Nationally Protected Traditional Chinese Medicine Product”; it has been sold well for 30 years, and highly praised by the market and users.

Thunip Holdings

Originated in Tsinghua University and established in 2002, Thunip Holdings has been listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations since January 2016. The company adopts the development strategy of “technology + management + capital”, and aims to improve the quality of urban water supply and the efficiency of urban sewage treatment. Through PPP, BOT, TOT, DBO and other approaches, the company is capable of providing water environment and ecological restoration projects from different industries with one-stop service, covering comprehensive management forward-looking planning, consulting, investment and financing, construction, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly equipment production and product integration, operation and management.

TUS International

TUS International is listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a smart network-connected automobile technology company. It is actively developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), unmanned core system, intelligent network-connected vehicle cloud control platform and Internet of Vehicle application services. TUS International is also actively building and participating in development of unmanned and intelligent travel test & demonstration base in South China.


Founded in 1996, VNET is not only a globally influential innovation service provider of network space infrastructure, but also China's largest service provider of telecommunications neutral Internet infrastructure. In April 2011, the company was listed on NASDAQ in the United States and was incorporated into NASDAQ Internet Index constituent stocks in March 2012. In May 2016, the company gained USD 388 million strategic investment from TusHoldings.


Founded in 1990, Canada BIOREM has been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada. As a professional leader in the field of biological deodorization and waste gas treatment in North America, it has world-leading bioprocess technology and professional technical team. BIOREM provides technical advice, equipment supply, installation and debugging, personnel training and aftersale system test for odor, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous gas pollutants (HAPs) control facilities. Holding a number of technical patents, accumulating more than 1,000 cases distributed in the world, BIOREM is one of the largest and most well-known companies industry-wide with significant influence in the North American market segment.