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TusPark Holds "Investment Opportunity in the Age Integration of Communication and Media" ForumPrint

Post Time:2007-09-27

On the evening of September 20, “Investment Opportunity in the Age of Communication and Media” Forum co-organized by Tuspark Co., Ltd., Integration Attracting Investment Center, and Qingke Group was held in Tuspark Club of Tsinghua Science Park. The purpose was to provide more financing information for pioneering enterprises in the park, and establish exchange platform between enterprises and VC (Venture Capital). A total of over 20 start-up enterprises in the park took part in the activity.

At the meeting, as the delegate of VC, Xu Feijie, the risk investment supervisor of Shanghai Bell Alcatel Co., Ltd., described the investment opportunity, risks and challenges of VC in the age of integration of communication and media, arousing enthusiastic discussion among leaders of the enterprises. As the delegate of enterprises in the park, Zhang Yu, the general manager of Beijing Oriental Longyu IT Service Co., Ltd. attended the financing road show of the forum, and introduced the business development direction and financing scale of the company. The atmosphere of the forum was enthusiastic, and the forum was highly appraised.