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Japan's former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama visits TusHoldings Print

Post Time:2017-10-20 18:29:51

On October 19, Japan's former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama visited TusHoldings, looked around TusStar Incubator, TusHoldings Digital Hall and YADU, investigated TusHoldings’ outstanding achievements in the fields of sci-tech innovation and environmental protection, and held a talk with Board Chairman Wang Jiwu on the cooperative topic of the “Belt and Road” Initiative Environmental Protection Fund. 

As Japan's former Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama witnessed China’s great achievements in foreign and domestic affairs in the five years. He thought the idea of the “Belt and Road” Initiative proposed by Chinese leaders and the initiative to make a path to peace and prosperity and to make a human destiny community would make contributions for world peace. He was looking forward to the “Belt and Road” Initiative and wished to cooperate with the institutions and enterprises that share the same development objectives like AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) and TusHoldings to initiate and set up the “Belt and Road” Environmental Protection Fund, so as to make contributions to the green development and peaceful coexistence of Asia and even the world.  

Wang Jiwu introduced the development model and core advantages of TusHoldings and reviewed the cooperation process with Japan. He indicated that, TusHoldings would carry out in-depth cooperation along the “Belt and Road” Initiative based on the globe, and it had become the pioneer enterprise and flag enterprise in China’s sci-tech service output. Japan is an important international partner of TusHoldings and it has leading ideas and original technologies in environmental protection. Thus, both parties can do something on the green development of the “Belt and Road” Initiative based on the advantages of innovation platform.  

Before the Seminar, Yukio Hatoyama visited TusStar Incubator and TusHoldings Digital Hall, and got a detailed understanding of TusHoldings’ unique innovative incubation model, “sci-tech park, sci-tech industry, sci-tech finance” three-in-one business model and TusHoldings’ distribution and development in the field of environmental protection. On the basis of the successful operation experience and high innovation network of TusStar, Yukio Hatoyama welcomed TusStar to settle in Japan. 

Besides, Yukio Hatoyama also made a field investigation at YADU, and consulted with TusHoldings SVP & President of YADU - Long Lin and GTS EVP - Hayashi Mitsuko again on the cooperation in environmental protection. In June, YADU delegation had an investigation tour to Japan, and they visited Yukio Hatoyama during this period, negotiated over ecological control and green PPP funds with GTS group, and reached a consensus on strategic cooperation. 

Head of Investment Banking Division of Yamaichi Securities - Sun Feng and Senior Engineer of Sō Innovation Inc. - Tokushin Tsuneo came along, and Director of China Private Ventures Limited - Ma Xiaoming, COO of TusHoldings - Herbert CHEN, EVP of TusHoldings & Board Chairman and President of TusHoldings Sci-tech Service Group - Wang Shugui, Incubation Business Director of TusHoldings & General Manager of TusStar - Shen Quanhong, etc participated in the above- mentioned activities.