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Friendly Cooperation Agreement Signed by Tsinghua Science Park and Thailand Science ParkPrint

Post Time:2007-09-26

On the morning of September 20, led by Xu Jinghong, president of Tuspark Co., Ltd., delegation of best employee of Tuspark Co., Ltd. visited Thailand Science Park, located over 50 kilometers north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Dr. Janekrishna, CEO of Thailand Science Park, and other officials of management department of the park received all members of the delegation.

Dr. Janekrishna first introduced the history and current status of Thailand Science Park for the delegation, and answered questions of the delegation about management system of Thailand Science Park, cooperation with governments and surrounding universities, etc. and led the delegation to visit some buildings and public facilities in the park.

Before the end of the visit, president Xu Jinghong signed friendly cooperation agreement with Thailand Science Park on behalf of Tsinghua Science Park. According to the content of the agreement, Tsinghua Science Park and Thailand Science Park would actively cooperate in the areas of high-level visit and exchange, mutual promotion of each other’s science park in its publication media, exchange of delegation and short term staff, etc.

When the delegation arrived at Bangkok Airport in the early morning one day before the visit, required by Thailand Science Park, Ms Narumol, service manager of the park, went to the gate of the airplane to welcome President Xu Jinghong.

Thailand Science Park is in Pathum Thani Province, north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, close to three famous higher education institutions of Thailand: Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thammasat University (TU), and Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT).

Thailand Science Park was established in 2002, with total investment of USD 175 million, it belongs to National Scientific and Technological Development Bureau under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand. The planned area of the park is 300 thousand square meters, at present 140 thousand square meters have been put into use, there are more than 150 enterprises in the park, including four research centers of Thailand National Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center, Metal and Material Technology Center, Nanotechology Center, and National Electronics and Computer Science and Technology Center, and there are 47 management staff.