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“TusLink China-Japan Enterprise Innovation Conference” Held in Tokyo Print

Post Time:2017-10-20 18:40:41

On October 19, “TusLink China-Japan Enterprise Innovation Conference” hosted by TusHoldings was held in Tokyo, Japan, where VP of TusHoldings & Chairman of TusStar - Zhang Jinsheng, Professor of University of Tokyo - Shigeo Kagami, SVP of TusHoldings & Chairman and President of Tus-Clean Energy Group - Wen Hui attended the meeting and made speeches,  aiming at intensifying sci-tech communications between China and Japan and promoting the sci-tech cooperation between enterprises of the two countries. 

Zhang Jinsheng was making a speech themed on “Construct Chinese Clustering Service Innovation Ecosystem”

Themed on “Construct Chinese Clustering Service Innovation Ecosystem”, Zhang Jinsheng systematically explained the development concept, history and achievements of TusHoldings. “As an integrated large-scale enterprise established relying on Tsinghua University, with science and technology as faith, TusHoldings insists on developing sci-tech service as an industry, and forms “sci-tech park, sci-tech industry and sci-tech finance” three-in-one business model under the guidance of “cluster-type innovation theory”.” Zhang Jinsheng said, up to now, TusHoldings had built an innovation and entrepreneurship service network covering the globe with incubators, science parks and science cities as carriers. Zhang Jinsheng also indicated that, the service mode of “investment + incubation” and the theory of “six degrees” for incubation service initiated by TusStar could provide the incubation service in full life cycle for enterprises. 
Shigeo Kagami was making a speech themed on “university innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system”

Starting from the development situations that current Japanese enterprises suffered slow increase in market value and few cooperation among small and middle-sized pioneering enterprises, Professor of University of Tokyo - Shigeo Kagami put forward a theory of innovation eco-system evolution with fundamental research, applied research and practicality as the framework and centering on open-type innovative talents education in his speech themed on “university innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system”. In his speech, Shigeo Kagami compared some large-scale famous enterprises both from Japan and USA, emphasized the importance of enterprise innovation and pointed out that large-scale Japanese enterprises started to pay attention to the innovation force from small and middle-sized pioneering enterprises in recent years. Besides, Shigeo Kagami said that, “as a base to cultivate innovative talents, universities also should become the cradle of innovative enterprises. At present, University of Tokyo is also cultivating innovative talents through opening innovation and entrepreneurship courses and establishing incubators to assist to create open-type innovative eco-system in Japan”. 

During the meeting, Director General of Policy Innovation Department of Tsukuba -Masataka KAMBE, JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) Researcher - Zhou Shaodan, Secretary for 3×3Lab Future Affairs of Mitsubishi Estate – Masako InatomiInadomi Masako gave speeches themed on “innovative eco-system of Tsukuba”, “basic condition of innovative entrepreneurship development in Japan” and “concept of 3×3Lab Future” to have shared the construction of local innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system, development situation of innovation and entrepreneurship and related supporting policies from the government. 
Wen Hui was introducing Tus-Clean Energy in the meeting

Besides, representatives from JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), Zhongguancun Liaison Office to Tokyo, MUFG Accelerator, CREWW Startup Community, Tus-Clean Energy Group and Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute promoted their institutions with an emphasis. Wen Hui analyzed the model innovation of the development of clean energy with the “technology + industry + capital” three-in-one business model of Tus-Clean Energy Group. He said, Tus-Clean Energy Group was concentrating on clean electric power, clean heating power and clear power to promote the technological development of innovative enterprises. 
Enterprise Matchmaking site

On that day, more than 100 famous enterprises from China and Japan engaged in the fields of VR/AR, TMT, clean energy, IOT, Fintech, intelligent manufacturing, etc. came to the site for matchmaking. Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsui & Co, Nintendo, Nikon, Fujitsu and EY had one-on-one interaction with  Deloitte China, MIUI and iQIYI and other Chinese enterprises to dig cooperation space. 
Group photo of participants

It is the enterprise exchange of TusLink held overseas for the first time, supported by TusStar, 3×3Lab Future Affairs of Mitsubishi Estate, Zhongguancun Liaison Office to Tokyo and CREWW. In the future, TusLink will keep providing the link service for the investment and landing in Japan of Chinese enterprises, building the bridge for Japanese enterprises to connect to China’s resource network and fully assisting to build the innovation eco-environment for the scientific and technological cooperation between China and Japan.